Thursday, May 19, 2005

The lady on the billboard willed Clyde to kiss Chloe. He did so. Then the lady willed Chloe to kiss back. She did as the thought directed. Clyde and Chloe both enjoyed what they were doing, and scarcely surmised an involvement by the nearby femme looming flat on the plastered paper. True, the boy and girl had been total strangers up to then, but when that urge to kiss takes control, even a rose without a name tastes sweet. The two-dimensional lady relaxed for a moment, observed smiling how Clyde and Chloe connected at the lips, pleasured countenances telling the tale of savored sensation. Thus satisfied, she began her subliminal sales pitch: "Buy Pepsodent... Buy Pepsodent... Buy Pepsodent..."

Story #221


Michael said...

That was funny.

...I love the smirk on the face of the lady on the billboard. So calculating.

Take Care

M.P. said...

LOL... Will Pepsodent take advantage of this story! **

The Mushroom said...

You'll wonder where the yellow went
When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.

Now, the billboard down the street was an advertisement for Trojans...

Tom & Icy said...

According to the EXIF info in the file: On April 22, 2005 at five in the afternoon, H. T. Vesugre placed his Canon PowerShot S500 on the roof of his car and set the timer for about three and a half minutes with the exposure set for auto, then went in front of the camera and kissed his girl until the picture snapped. There was no IPTC info embedded. Your story is much more interesting and may be more true than the info I could gleam from the file. Your story is very imaginative. You have fantastic ideation!

annush said...

that would not be nearly as funny if it wasn't for the possibility that maybe their mouths don't taste so nice :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Who knows where advertising is heading? What wicked schemes lay in wait to capture us and brainwash us?
Maybe the billboard lady could sense that one of them had bad breath and therefore truly needed Pepsodent toothpaste.
I liked the funny ending. I'm always partial to humor. If that billboard lady really had such powers, she could make a lot of really funny things happen. Oh how I wish I was that billboard lady for just a day.

Anonymous said...

subliminal... And very funny!

I won't stand near a billboard again!

no pepsodent!... no pepsodent!!...


Indeterminacy said...

Michael: Thanks.

M.P.: I have nothing for or against Pepsodent. It was just the most toothpastiest brandname I could think of.

Mushroom: with a condom automat next to it. Do they even have those in America? I can't remember. They have them in Germany. They even had them in the Catholic town I once lived in, but strangely enough, always out of order.

Tom and Icy: Brilliant sleuthing! You guys must have some bloodhound in you. This was actually one of a series, the best one for the story. How do you find out all that setting stuff?

Annush: Most old girlfriends never liked me to kiss them after I had just brushed my teeth.

Jamie: You can be the billboard lady. I'll be the guy, and now who would like to volunteer to be the girl. (I've always been devistated by the fact that Retarius got all these lewd propositions from his female visitors, and I get none. I don't know whether to ;-) or to :-(

Anonymous: I always buy the generic brands.