Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The two girls had to be careful not to tip their hand. One false move, and they might scare off the boy, and they had worked so hard to lower his defenses. Brad watched as they both yawned at the same time.

"Geeze, am I boring you? I could leave," he layed out flatly, like a centerfold with no picture on it. He was ready to abandon the interactive recreation that might await him.

"No, no!" the girls improvised, while thinking how tedious conquests could be. Kitty continued, "You've got us so enthralled. It's just that we stayed up all last night thinking about you."

Brad was appeased. He relaxed slightly on the sofa and studied them, lips forming into a soothed smile. The ruse had worked. The girls continued talking to Brad, the ulterior intent buried under the blanket of their false affection.

But then it happened again. The yawn overpowered both girls at once, as Brad looked on. Kathleen was especially careful to cover her mouth as thoroughly as possible. She didn't want to spoil the surprise. Before Brad could protest again, or perhaps even stand up and slip away, Kitty decided it was time to act. She moved forward and locked her arms around him, pulling him closer, just as she had arranged with Kathleen. It wouldn't do for Kathleen to go first. Kitty merely desired to feed on Brad's emotions. Kathleen, the vampress, would feed on his leftover blood.

Story #230


The Mushroom said...

Bob was very turned on by the two damsels in distress, but he seemed to keep his distance. The ladies couldn't quite figure out why he wasn't more visibly drooling after a few minutes. He wandered off, and the women turned to each other to ask "what was up with him?" But in so doing, they realized the error...

Both had killer wicked morning-mouth.

Jamie Dawn said...

Indie: Your women are becoming increasingly more vicious. How about a story about a wonderfully sweet-natured, lovely and gentle female... more like, let's say, ME.

Mush: Those women need to know my secret. I wake up without morning bad taste or breath.
Go to your local drugstore and get some Tung Gel. It comes with a round-headed tonguebrush. The gel has zinc in it, etc... It really does make a difference, better than using toothpaste.
Just a tip from a friendly Californian for those girls with ghastly breath, and anyone else who may suffer the same malady.

fluff said...

oh my, I've always believed fresh morning breath is a legend only poets sing of! I have to wake up before my man and slip in the bathroom if I want him to think I woke up with that nice mentholated breath...

great stories, guys, you keep the Net amusing. :)

The Mushroom said...

I can handle morning-mouth first thing in the morning, it suits its name afterall. Much like having burgers with onions on a date, you can kiss someone with their mouth in that state if yours is too.

It's when it's 3pm and you still have waking-unfresh breath that rediculous measures need to be taken. Thanks for the info, Jamie; somebody out there will be in your debt for it. :)

Indeterminacy said...

Mushroom: So that's what the photo was about. I didn't really like my story and almost didn't post it.

Jamie: You want to start making cameo appearances in my stories? Pop in any time, but I'm afraid there's no getting through my imagination unscathed. ;-)

Ariel: I should pay more attention to my breath, but instead I eat garlic whenever I want to. Thanks for your e-mail also, which I'll answer soon. It's always a pleasure to find out someone has been reading for awhile, and then learn out who they are. (When I look into the log stats there are always so many mystery people).

Cori said...

Iknew they were vampiresses!! It's all that dark eyemake-up!