Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I've decided to take a short creative pause for a couple of days, partly due to a hectic work situation, partly due to just wanting a short creative pause. Recently I've stumbled across some new (and newer) blogs that I think will be worth following, but please come back here after you've looked at them:

Those of you who miss Retarius and the now defunct Non-Stop Cavalcade of Fun (retarius.blogspot.com) will love this new blog called Saddle Sore Review: saddlesorereview.blogspot.com.

A blog called "The Swaying Hips of Kelly Kell" presents a new kind of counterculture cool that I enjoyed right from the start: kellykell.blogspot.com

Then there's the blogger from hell, Satan himself, taking a walk through the blogosphere, heckling the sinners he comes across. I'm already enjoying the devious humor of it: askthedevil.blogspot.com

I guess everyone is blogging these days. Even aliens, as witnessed by this funny, new blog, which in one of its first posts has revealed the truth about Pansifiles: thealienguy.blogspot.com

Poetess Fiona Robyn, who ran a blog for some time exploring creativity and ways to channel it (creative-living.blogspot.com), has begun a new blog posting daily poetic thoughts, descriptions of fleeting scenes and feelings. Some of the posts might be called expanded haikus: asmallstone.blogspot.com

Icy of the inseperable Tom & Icy duo (oldtommyboy.blogspot.com) duo has a new, secret blog. Woof: speakicyspeak.blogspot.com

Ned Rosen's camera phone journal "Dirty Lense" has been around for a few months. I enjoy his eye for perspective: dirtylense.blogs.com/my_weblog

Last but not least, and all the worse because ladies are supposed to be first, is this sexy, new blog "The Shorter the Skirt, the Higher the Kick" about a gal named Patricia Jenkins who just moved to Sweden. I like the way she titillates: coveries.blogspot.com


Cori said...

Looks like some yummy reading!

Come back soon!

Anonymous said...

We posted a response to your comment that you made on a different blog, but if we knew you were going to tell everyone about us, we wouldn't have been so nice! We really miss Weirsdo, when is she getting out of the looney bin?

M.P. said...

I do understand how hectic it must be... :/ I'm going through similar times!!! Hope to see you soon! :)**

TLP said...

Thanks for all the recommendations! Have a nice "rest."

Jamie Dawn said...

It's nearly 1 a.m., you're taking a rest, and I need to get some rest.
Have a good rest. Give your mind a chance to reboot.

Jakob said...

Thanks for your nice comments in my blog and here - not least because it gave me a chance to discover your own great stories. Besides John Cage, they remind a little of the Residents' 'Commercial Album'. Hope to read new ones soon, but since I just started out, I can spend the summer catching up...

Indeterminacy said...

Cori: Bon appetit! I won't be gone long. I still have 127 stories or so to write, to reach 360.

Alien Guy: I have a responsiblity to the human race to tell about you. It's nothing personal. I hope you'll read my stories anyway and not enslave me in the asteroid mines off Jupiter. As for Mrs. Weirsdo, I hope the Barbies didn't do anything to her. They were surfing around leaving threatening messages on everybody's blogs.

M.P. Now I have a relaxed time to spend with my family, and to read all of your blogs.

Lucy: I'll think of you next time I eat a Pez.

Jamie: It feels so irresponsible, abandoning my blog for a few days. But I'm glad everybody understands.

Trixie: If you only knew! I love the Residents. And I have the Commercial album. Brilliant, isn't it? My all-time favorite albums of theirs are "Meet the Residents", "Third Reich and Roll" (the original LP cover was actually banned in Germany), and "Eskimo". I'm not just saying that because you're ravishingly beautiful.

roachz said...
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Indeterminacy said...

Hi Roachz! Glad you're back. Have you started blogging again? I'm going right over to check.

roachz said...

Yes I have! First thing I do, is to pull myself (willingly) here and offer you my service.

Jakob said...

Why thank you, Sir... ;-)
Also let's not forget old Duck Stab/Buster and Glen (probably the Residents' TRUE commercial album) - if you ever run into a dry spot of your own one-minute stories, there's more than a handful right there.

Skinny sold a soldier to which Skinny sold a wife/Skinny sold a suction cup and a knife/Skinny found a Hello Dolly record in the hall/He sold it to a truck driver in the fall

Indeterminacy said...

Hi Trixie: Why does everyone call me sir? I'm just this guy, you know. I'll look into those Residents albums you mentioned. I don't know their new work. Thanks for teaching me.

Unknown said...

First Weirsdo, then Indie. I think something might be going between Indie and Pansi. I knew her hatred seemed a little forced.

alix said...

well, since you're on a little hiatus, you won't mind if i do this
to you. :)

flutterby made me do it.

Indeterminacy said...

Doug: My transgressions are between me and the devil. Go ask him.

Alix: That's a cool blog link you sent me, but I already knew about my blog. ???