Friday, June 03, 2005

"It's your fault!" shouted Marge.
"No, it's your fault!" Mitch shouted back.
"No, it's your damn fault!" Marge shouted again.

Marge and Mitch had just been visited by a real live genie. He shot out of the vacuum cleaner hose like a balloon while Marge was vacuuming. It seems he was selling vacuum cleaners, and giving away free complimentary wishes with each model he sold.

"This is wonderful!" Marge called out to Mitch. "Come here and do a happy dance with me."

The genie watched, a wide smile on his face as the two hopped and skipped, arm in arm, around in circles. He looked very friendly. He was no taller than a leprechaun and just as green.

"Shall we get down to business?" he interjected kindly.

"Well, let's see. First off, we'll take your entire line of vacuum cleaners," Marge started, eyes focussed in the distance, on all the wonders soon to be hers, "and then I'd like a husband who's always amorous, a--"

"You fool!" Mitch broke in "Don't wish yet! It's a trick! You've got to think it over carefully before you wish. Haven't you read all those stories about wishing!?! I'll probably go blind or something!"

But the genie had already lifted his hand for that magical wave that would finalize the wish. Thinking quickly, but perhaps not all too brightly, Mitch lunged forward and slam-kicked the genie against the wall. It broke the genie's concentration all right, but it also broke the genie, who splattered into an interesting wall design, what with the green blood and all. Not even the new industrial strength vacuum cleaners could remove the stain. That's when Marge and Mitch started arguing.

Story #232

Note from Indeterminacy: Check out Courtney's genie story. It's inspired.

Don't forget. Today is Friday. Go over to Michael's blog and write a story for one of the pictures he posted. Then come back here tomorrow, because we'll do the same.


Jamie Dawn said...

It's nearly 2 a.m. - the latest I've been up in awhile.

That poor genie. Maybe if they get some green paint they can splatter it all over the walls and make it look like it was a planned thing. Sounds ugly though.

I'm glad Courtney's story inspired you. It got you thinking.

Indeterminacy said...

You can't bake a cake without breaking a few eggs.

Courtney's story was truly fantastic. If her screenplay is anything like this, wow, it'll be a classic like "Bringing up Baby."

Doug Worgul said...

Damn fine writer, you are.

Jamie Dawn said...

Courtney's screenplay is really wonderful. It is an original and is kind of like The Maltese Falcon meets Indiana Jones. That's the best I can do to describe it. Lots of tongue-in-cheek humor.

She and I are going to work on a project together sometime after we get back from Asia.
We have an author friend who writes historical fiction. I've invited him here to your site, but he hasn't visited yet. I hope he does soon. Well, we are going to write a screenplay based on one of his novels, The Dona. To date, I believe he has three published works and one in the oven.

Here's a link to his website:

This will take you directly to The Front Porch which is where he writes tidbits and tips for authors. Feel free to email him and invite him to participate in your site. He is quite a friendly and wonderful man whom I've known for many years.

Michael said...

Inde very nice.

My first impression was of disbelieve and embarrassment...

“I can’t believe you were so stupid”

Scott was embarrassed and looked into his arm.

“What were you thinking? I mean I know the rent is cheap but how are we going to live with four foot ceilings?”

Looking around the new apartment Samantha could not believe it. They would be sitting or crouching all day long.

LiVEwiRe said...

I find myself wondering why she has a giant ray of sunshine coming out of her ass. Makes me want to rethink my tendency to say 'now look, I'm not gonna blow sunshine up your ass or anything...'

Courtney said...

I see I've inspired you. Thanks for the link in your post also. What my Mom said about my screenplay isn't true anymore. I'm reworking it. Haven't quite figured it out completely. But you can't rush a masterpiece. :)

Indeterminacy said...

Doug: Gee, thanks. Coming from an editor of a major newspaper, as I see from your profile, that means a lot. If I ever feel like writing a "letter to the editor" I now know which paper to send it to. ;-)

Jamie: I'll check out your friend's Website. Look's like the Courtney family is full of amazing contacts and surprises. I wouldn't be surprised to find out you all are one of the first families of Hollywood. Anyhow, thanks for all you've done to promote my blog. I've had these blog explosion credits running all week and there have been hundreds of visitors, but I get the impression only 1 out of a hundred people really take the time to read anything. I think that's how Doug (see above) found his way here. It was nice of him to take the time to comment. When I BE-Surf I do take it seriously. I give the blog a chance to grab my attention, and I'll take the time to leave comments if I liked something. But I think most people surf superficially, just to generate traffic for their own blog.

Michael: Your story gave me a whole new perspective on the photo. And I've had this photo since last fall and didn't know what to do with it, until Courtney came along with her Three Wishes post.

Livewire: Maybe it was something she ate?

Courtney: Your creativity does inspire me. It seems like you just write your stories off the top of your head, but they work so well. You're doing something right. If you want feedback about your screenplay from a non-family member I would be proud and happy to read it and offer my impressions in return. I promise to be as critical as possible and not just say nice things. I test-read one of my boss's novels and wrote my feedback all through the manuscript. I wasn't as negative as other people, and when he got the critics from some professional authors he rewrote the entire work. He told me they all objected to the "cliched manner" in which he portrayed the American characters in the story. (I didn't see that!)

fluff said...

Indie, it was the most hilarious genie story I've ever read. Douglas Adams couldn't do it better!

Michael, your caption cracked me up badly, too.

thanks for the laughther to all.