Friday, June 10, 2005

Anaya pressed herself flat onto the surface. Her instinct demanded it. Toppling forward through millennia of generations a single drop of serpent blood had managed to remain pure in the human organism of her culmination. But that miniscule drop claimed its brood. She moved with painstaking leisure, seeking the heat of the male body to hold her own blood warm. She slithered closer on bare skin to wrap arms and legs around the saline sweetness of her masculine victim. Once upon him she constricted, constricted, until the male screamed, bones crackling and eyes widening in primal horror. His final desire implored what was left of the girl to avail herself of a more human ritual between male and female. This awakened a further hibernating droplet, the blood of a viper. She placed a bite of venomous saliva on the bare nape of his neck, paralyzing him in the midst of death throes and ecstatic lust while crumpling under her tensile muscles. Later, Anaya's senses returned to her, slowly, as if waking from a dream overwhelming in vividness but details intangible. "I need to go on a diet," she told herself as she passed the mirror, "No one's going to hire a fat belly dancer."

Story #234


Doug said...

OK. That's beyond brilliant- every word perfect and the last sentence a perfect change in tone. I bow.

The Mushroom said...

I'd long suspected that about her... the way she'd give me those wraparound hugs and treats my pet mouse a little too friendly. (This explains why she adoringly calls him "my little niblet".) The wriggling around together was always a LOT of fun but the warm-blooded voice in the back of my head always said to never let myself completely fall asleep. By some fortune, I keep the heat in my house off and this seems to have kept her at bay... er, making me the only source of warmth, which would be both a blessing and a curse, come to think of it. I felt bad when she moved on but when I saw the pigs she was wrapping herself around after she left me, well, I didn't mourn. Now I consider myself lucky.

Jamie Dawn said...

The rest really did you some gooooood!
Beautifully written piece.
She reminds me of a werewolf that tears people apart during a full moon, then can't remember what they did the next morning.

Doug said...

No, no, Jamie. Different woman entirely.

Michael said...

Can't touch the story you unfolded. It was brilliant but here's another view....

Drop dead gorgeous and bored. Mona lay there thinking.
The games just weren’t any fun anymore. The men were just too damn easy.
One little flash of her pearly whites and they did anything that she asked.
The game was all about control. Get people to sacrifice. The bigger the item the bigger the score. Of course you couldn’t give anything in return. That was part of the rules.

That middle-aged, fat, balding man had given his savings, had given his job, had given his kids, had given his wife. Serves him right. Like he was getting in my pants.
That doctor had given her a heart. A real fucking heart. Cut it right out, sewed up the body and nobody knew. I wonder if the stiff had been alive? Who gives a shit.
That pimply faced boy, what was his name? Never get a name it’s just easier that way. He went down without a blink. Jumped right off that bridge. Made the news too.

Nah, it just wasn’t fun anymore.
The men were just too damn easy.
…but she’s kind of cute.

wala said...

fat belly dancers are a niche market. the bells attached to their chain belts emit frequencies the are obesely unique and flabulous. As for the creature, i've dated some of those.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

If you are going to be a belly dancer, you DO need some belly.

Indeterminacy said...

Doug: Thanks. Very glad you liked it. But I realize this story may have repeated one of my all too common thmese: Boy meets girl, girl eats boy.

Mushroom: I seem to have struck a nerve with the cold-blooded warmth-seeking-woman. Come to think of it, I knew someone like that once.

Jamie: I don't know what I did on this story that was so different than the rest. I had a hectic work week, and needed my sleep, so I thought the best thing to do would to hold the stories for a few days. I guess it did worked, if everyone says they liked it. Speaking of werewolves, did you used to watch Dark Shadows? (One of my childhood favorites - now we're following the dvd reissues).

Michael: Thanks again for a story well done. Since I'm not able to enjoy my own stories like you all seem to do, I'm happy to read something I didn't write.

Monster Spank: Glad you're still in one piece after your dating experience. I visited your site last week because I noticed some referrals from you. Thanks for linking. I'm going to reorganize and update my links soon and will add a link back to you.

Lucy: I'll have to admit, I'm not up on the belly-dancing physique. The ones I remember seeing had wide hips and amazing bellys.

Everyone: Last week was a short week, story-wise. Should I still post a photo today for all of you to write something to, or would you like the weekend off, for a change? If anyone feels like writing a story, let me know and I'll post a picture.

actonbell said...

awesome writing! Bellydancer as praying mantis...two graceful images that go well together.

The Mushroom said...

Indie, we always feel like writing a story. :)

And I think we (guys) dated the same girls. Or at least they have dopplegangers spread nationwide/worldwide.