Monday, October 31, 2005

That Eve of All Saints, Halloween, was the worst time of the year for George. It was then that he was reminded of just how alone he was, nothing but bones without that magical element that translates will into motion. He was forced to sit propped in his little stone niche in the wall, watching impassively as the living strolled by. No one decorated any pumpkins with him. No one invited him to the costume balls. And saddest of all, no one offered to have him along on their trick or treating romps. That was bitter. They'd whisk on by, winsome witches, ghastly ghosts and gruesome ghouls, eating the candy they'd collected, and tossing the empty wrappers straight into his rib cage. How awful and cruel life had been. How awful and cruel was death.

Story #301

Happy Halloween everyone!

Original Post:
It's Halloween, and time for some Halloween stories. As always, I ask my visitors to contribute their instant or not-so-instant stories, and I will follow up with mine on Monday. Now I'm going to go and watch my Dark Shadows dvds and get in the mood. Also, have a look at Lula's poem, if you need some mood-setting help.

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Anonymous said...

At first it seemed the Catacombs Cafe would be a success. It had it all: spooky atmosphere, shadowy nooks for lovers, and a great bones man doing the music. He really knew how to tickle the ivories, and could play marimba too.
Unfortunately it transpired that he knew only one song: The foot bone's connected to the--
Ankle bone!
The ankle bone's connected to the--
Shin bone!

Jamie Dawn said...

You think YOUR knees are aching?

GPV said...

Tup tok tup tok tup.....The old clock kept sounding off the time passing by as some flies whizzed across the living room where he sat unmoving, eyes fixed on the pendulum shining to in fro behind the glass, tok tup tok.....aside of this no other sound was heard in the appartment.
He sat in the old armchair from morning 'till noon and the chime went 'dongg' 12 times and he stirred and shuffled his feet and his eyes turned to the window, the
day was gloomy and grey, it would not be happier with sunshine not for him, since Marie had gone six months ago there was only stillness
in the house and dryness in his heart, the place was dirty, unkept
beyond description and he didn't do anything about it.
What to do? Nothing....or maybe...
Yes one last thing.
He got up and wend to his room,opened the closet and dressed up, walked back to the living room
and shut the window, went to the door, walked over piles of letters he didn't read anymore and locked the door turning the key twice.
He didn't even look around when he went to the cave door and he locked
that door too once he was in.
They didn't find him for years.

The Mushroom said...

Bob came to realize just how bad the service was at the new restaurant in town, the Cask Of Amontillado.

Indeterminacy said...

These were all great stories for this picture! Thanks so much for contributing!

Mrs. Weirsdo: That's a catchy tune alright, but it does wear out a little over eternity.

Jamie: That counts as a story. At least he found a place to sit down for a while, until his knees stop aching.

GPV: I guess you saw it, too, that skelletin somehow looked sad. Your story captures that poignancy.

Mushroom: The cruel ironies of life. I've been to a few restaurants like that.

Unknown said...

He'd waited a long time for the audition. Finally he heard his name called. Time to warm up he thought. "..." "....." "."

In panic he insisted: I couldn't have waited this long only to lose my voice!

Jamie Dawn said...

Poor George.

Happy Halloween! Eat a lot of chocolate! Give some to poor, old George.

Indeterminacy said...

Doug: Thanks for your story. Must have been an exreme case of stage fright.
Jamie: If I knew were George was I'd go and sit with him. It's terrible to be alone on a day like Halloween, and scary, too.

Some Germany trivia: when I came ot Germany in the 80's trick or treating was virtually unknown. In the last years it's suddenly caught on as a widespread fad. A great time to be a kid in Germany. People are really going all out to have something special to hand out to the trick or treaters. But instead of trick or treat, the children say "Süßes oder Saures" which is literally "Sweet or sour"

LiVEwiRe said...

Empty wrappers in the rib cage; man, that's really brutal. And here I thought he died waiting for tech support... ;)

Tom & Icy said...

Great story, Indie! And it was fun reading the comments!

GPV said...

Death in a remote place poor George.