Thursday, October 13, 2005

Due to time constraints this week I'll have to skip posting a story today. It always makes me feel guilty when I don't post a story, because I know there are so many of you who stop by regularly. Today I don't feel as guilty because I found three new blogs I'd like to share with you.

Blog 1: AriaFritta - Immagini (sur)reali da qui e da altrove
It's in Italian and English and features some wonderful abstract-surrealistic photography, with descriptions in the aforementioned languages. I do so love what they're doing. There's lots of creativity going on there.

Blog 2: Life Inspires - Impressions on the Way to Nowhere
This is a brand new blog I found at Blog Advance, and it promises to be good. It's written by a Sylphidine who lives among us, observing us as we travel from point A to point B, in the busses and trains. Little vignettes out of complete lives. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next story, and wonder if I will be the observed one, as I ride the train to and from work each morning.

Blog 3: Stems of a Coffee Stained Canvas
Last but no way least: This blog paid me the compliment of linking to me, which is how I found it. And what I found was a world of counterculture cool, photography, painting, drawings, poetry and poetic prose that weave a web. There are strokes of eroticism living here and there in the archives, and lots of feeling, not always pretty, but honest emotions.


deryke said...

hey man, just lettin ya know i'm still lurking about reading and diggin.

great picks by the way. peas-d!

Doug said...

Thanks, Indie. Don't sweat us. We'll chat amongst ourselves.

Indeterminacy said...

Hey Deryke: I haven't forgotten you either. And that I want to do a story to one of your photos. I'll just surprise you one day. ;-)

Doug: If it's that way, I'll think I'll take tomorrow (Tuesday) off, as well. Seriously, I think I'll only be able to post Mond-Wed-Fri this week. :-(