Saturday, April 23, 2005

The thought that she had bitten off more than she could chew swelled to gagging proportions and swirled around her head pinching her cheeks. The boys were laughing, pulling off clothes, working out who would be first with Claire. They had been drinking heavily the entire evening, just as Claire had requested. She didn't think she could follow through with sober eyes staring at her, but she hadn't expected such bravado. "I'm going to suck at this," she told herself fatally. But she had wanted the practice and the girls had enthusiastically volunteered their boyfriends for the intimate procedure which they themselves were not inclined to perform. She thought ahead to when it would all be behind her. There'd be no added company nine months later. That was certain. No, the boys would return to their girlfriends, completely content, one less tension to worry about in their conventional erotic encounters. Yes, Claire thought, it was indeed swell of the boys to help her out on such short notice, and swell of their girls not to mind. After performing the nine impromptu vasectomies, Claire was a cinch to pass her med-school exam the next day.

Story #203

Thanks to everyone who contributed! The stories have been moved to Remember, at the end of this month I'll hold a random drawing of everyone who contributed in April to award a b+w print of one of my own photos, and a story to go along with it. Late contributions are still welcome!

P.S. I think Courtney stole the show with her story.


The Mushroom said...

Inside the casbah seemed like an odd place to host a shirts-verses-skins basketball game, but no one was adverse to it after a few rum shots. They just needed to convince a couple people to hold wicker baskets up over their heads at opposite ends of the room, but that would only require buying the goaltenders another round.

ps - congrats on placing in the 'name that entry' contest, Indie!

Indeterminacy said...

Great story Mush, as always! I just wrote mine or I wouldn't be peeking in here.

Thanks for the congrats. Everyone: in case you haven't already, check out Courtney's blog. I say it's cool:

Courtney said...

Thanks for the really nice link. I'll thing of a story and post. Your blog is so much fun to read.

Courtney said...

Poor little Margie. When she was six years old she was caught in a freak juggling accident that left her with only shoulders and a head. When she was 15 her friends took her to a party and propped her up in a wicker chair with sweatshirts so she could enjoy the party too. Margie desperately wanted to play duck duck goose with the girls on the other side of the room, but because of the position of her chair she could only watch the boys play strip poker.

Indeterminacy said...

I knew this would happen, Courtney. Your story's going to steal the show.

Jamie Dawn said...

It's mating season on planet Yunx, and males attract females by making them laugh. Unfortunately, males far outnumber females which means females must endure hours of ridiculous antics by several males before choosing the one who has made her laugh. After choosing, she must remember Yunx's sacred law: Once mating commences, females must no longer laugh at males.

By the way, indeterminacy, I agree that Courtney has and will steal the show. She's been doing that since the day she was born!

admin said...

Hi guys, I just finished my story but its too long :((. It seems the picture inspired me and while writing I discovered something. But I dont want to make the already long story longer. Here it is:

The boys were laughing at their hearts content. Had it been the heat, the water that they threw at each other or their youthful urge to show off their bodies in front of the girls? In any case, they were taking their clothes off and kept teasing each other. Lynn was sitting on a chair and all boys had gathered around her. She felt the power that she had suddenly gained and ordered them around. They were all laughing but for Jonathan, who was staring at the group of girls at the other side of the cave-room. He seemed perplexed, his mind had stopped thinking, without knowing why, he had been absorbed into their singing and could not hear the boys laughs anymore. His mind sunk in the melodies and in spirit of the group of the girls. He would have remained in this state for a long time, had Andrew not dragged him to the side, laughing out loud and forcing him to return to their company. “Hey Andrew, don’t push me like that!’ exclaimed Jonathan, “Sorry man, just look at what I am going to do now”. Jonathan burst into laughs, because Andrew had decided to make a fool of himself by pretending to be a monkey! And everyone followed. Soon, the whole cave-room was filled with teenage monkeys, which were dancing, jumbing and screaming around. Suddenly and as one soul, the girls stood all up glancing at the boys in an angry manner. The boys stood still, a few laughs would escape their mouths once in a while, but one could say that they had become serious again. They were looking back at the girls in a manner that revealed remorse. Anjali stepped forward and spoke: “Honored members of the Society of the Dead Musicians! Forget not what we came here for! We didn’t leave secretly the boarding school tonight just to have fun. Remember our purpose. We are here to establish the first Society of the Dead Musicians of our boarding school and to make sure that this tradition will go on for many decades from now on. Anna, fetch the instruments.” Any beholder would have been shocked from the weird transformation of the naughty teenagers into decisive and serious violin players. In a moment, the whole cave-room was filled by the melodies of the violins, and of the voices of the girls which sung a heavenly song. Ode to joy was the establishing melody, which would keep them together giving them the strength to fight back their boarding school that treated them in an inhuman way.
“O friends, no more these sounds!
Let us sing more cheerful songs,
more full of joy!

Joy, bright spark of divinity,
Daughter of Elysium,
Fire-inspired we tread
Thy sanctuary .”

Thus they kept playing until dawn, when Anjali dismissed the brotherhood of the Dead Musicians. Tired but excited and happy for having achieved what they set out for, they returned to the boarding school after running through the forest, imitating the owls and the wolfs, and lauging out loud under the cloak of darkness with a few moonbeams as their real friends.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!Hope you're doing fine! Sorry for such a long absence!Here I am again. Here you have my story I don't think is very creative but... better this than nothing...
"They just couldn't believe their eyes and dind't know whether to laugh or cry before that sight!
All the noise they had heard some moments ago had an explanation, that very explanation: right before their eyes in a craddle-like seat was a female alien they were sure was coming from nowhere.
They hadn't the slightest clue about to say to her and that explains the bowing and the ecstasy which was gradually taking hold of all the people there.
Suddenly she smiled and said:"Let's play the "statue" game!" And they were all turned into living motionless statues. "What can I do now with these dummies?" , she said again. "They couldn't even work out I've just fallen down from my balcony window into this empty laundry basket"...
Oh well.. not much inspiration this time.. GREAT week to you! :)M.P.

Indeterminacy said...

Thank you Mush, Courtney, Jamie, Elveshat (formerly Allmagica) and M.P.!

I admit that I've had this photo since last year, but I could never think of anything I thought did it justice. I finally wrote a draft of this story during vacation. Then you all come along and in the twinkling of an eye come up with all these great stories.

Anonymous said...

Clever one, Indeterminacy. I enjoyed the double entendres. But is it really Cage-esque to write drafts?
This picture inspired a lot of good stories. I couldn't think of a thing!

Indeterminacy said...

It may not be Cage-esque, but... I'll bend any rule to get a good story. ;-) The idea was spontaneous, anyhow.

The whole process of writing this blog has got me to confront the idea of creativity on a day-to-day basis. Which stories were good, and which are weak? I think the ones that were completely random, instant inspirations turn out best. Writing it down before I can think about it. But sometimes I take a story that came out one way, and rewrite it to make it what I think is better. And I'm always pounding it into shape afterwards. One example where I completely rewrote a story is story number 19. I posted the first draft in the comments section:

I don't think John would mind, as long as the story leaves the reader happy.

I remember reading about Kerouac's "On the Road", how Kerouac espoused what he called spontaneous prose, or something similar, just sitting down and writing out the story without thinking. Sort of a stream of consciousness narration. But he rewrote "On the Road" several times to arrive at the final version. So it wasn't necessary as spontaneous as it's made out to be.

I don't try to be dogmatic about the rules. I'll just do anything to get a story I'm satisfied with. In this case, I wrote a draft down over vacation. Then I wrote it a second time based on the same idea (because I was too lazy to look for the draft), and combined the two. The first (spontaneous draft) had the best passages, I thought, so I kept most of that, but kept the ending as I had written it in the second version.

Sorry for being so long-winded. No one wanted to know all this. Oh well, here it is anyway.

sk8rn said...

This story was great. I was so anxious at first, but then left highly amused.

Quincy said...

Too bad i missed the deadline to turn in a story...I'll get in on it next time. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I've never driven on the autobahn but I'd like to try it sometime....My daughter, son, granddaughter and grandson all have blogs. It's become quite a family affair...Being the sage of the family, they all read mine for inspiration before embarking upon feeble attempts of their own. Just kidding of course. i hardly know what i'm doing, but it's fun....

Indeterminacy said...

Thanks for your comment Quincy! But who says there's a deadline? I didn't say it. You can still contribute if you'd like to. I hope people keep contributing new stories to the old pictures over the next years!