Sunday, April 03, 2005

- Are you sure this is going to work?
- Oh, yeah, it's an ancient thing, you know. Tried and tested.
- Won't he put a curse on us or something?
- Nah, that only happens long after the embalmment, if someone starts to mess with him.
- But he's not embalmed yet.
- Duh. That's because he's still breathing.
- You mean, this might kill him?
- Well, he wanted us to make him into a mummy. You can't bake a cake without breaking a few eggs.
- OK, if you say so. But if he puts a curse on me, I'll tell your mom what you did to her linens.
- Will you just shut up and seal his nostrils!

Story #187


The Mushroom said...

Dammit, sis, I told you to get some Ace bandages or at least a roll of toilet paper. Do I have to do everything myself?? You don't know anything about embalming, so you sis?

Unknown said...

I'm pretty amused. I suppose that means there's something wrong wiith both of us.

M.P. said...

Are these two going to kill the silly guinea pig? I hope they just do something for real amusement and don't kill the poor soul who's asked to them to become Tutankamon!
Nice week to you! :)

Indeterminacy said...

The next time one of those Egyptian exhibits comes to your town, you may want to ask yourself where they got the mummy.