Wednesday, April 13, 2005

People sometimes threw away odd things but this was beyond Vic's wildest dreams. There were four of them. Four lovely young girls in the dumpster. Each one more alluring than the other. He left the cab of the junk truck and approached them, casually smiling with his smoothest bedside charm. He knew four girls who wanted to have fun when he saw them.

"Could I give you girls a ride?" he asked them innocently.

"Sure, we'd love to come with you," the girl in pink answered, followed by a chorus of sures and giggles from the other three.

"Be my guest," he said. One by one he offered each girl his hand to help her down. "There's plenty of room in the cab for all of us." The girls filed into the truck.

Driving with the four girls at his side Vic's thoughts danced ecstatic jigs. His imagination acted out all the details of getting them inside his house, mixing them drinks of sweet cola and whiskey, just in case they might change their minds, although they certainly seemed willing now. The two girls in the matching tops intrigued him. Were they twins? They could be. Their hair styles differed slightly, but when the time was right he would give them special attention, explore their minutest details up close to his greediest satisfaction.

A sudden bump interrupted his thoughts. "Sorry girls, just a pothole," he stated authoritatively, turning to his passengers to show his smile once more. But the girls weren't there. He saw four hefty bags piled on the seat next to him, bursting with garbage, black plastic glistening in the setting sun. Vic decided that he desperately needed a vacation.

Story #196


The Mushroom said...

Now we know what kind of trash Vic would pick up off the street...

Anonymous said...

hahaha... "and then I woke up"

Indeterminacy said...

I didn't feel well today. Maybe this story did it. I'm going back to sleep.

Cori said...

"One man's trash is another man's treasure!"