Saturday, August 28, 2004

Yes. She would do it. They were waiting for her on the beach. They had said she could come anytime during the night. To feel beautiful, to be desired, that was what moved her, and the decision to go to them, the two boys, the Gypsy and the West Indian whose mastery of voodoo she could sense in their compelling gazes, was one she made freely. The two boys did not ask any questions. She was pretty enough. But, oh, how she would look when they were through with her! Their magic would transform her into a goddess beyond measure. Even before she could disrobe they impatiently began the ritual to slide the skin from her body and reclothe her being in the outer form of Jennifer Lopez.

Story #16


Anonymous said...

This gave me the shivers.

Hilario Watzka said...

I do not think so.