Thursday, August 19, 2004

"Ah what we do to the men!" said the blond girl to her dark haired friend.

The friend giggled. "And what did you do with yours?"

The blond grinned mischievously: "I told him I had read this really erotic stuff in the Kama Sutra, in the forbidden chapters, and that I wanted to try it all out with him."

"I bet that worked," replied the brunette with a knowing lilt in her voice.

"And they say we girls make terrible electricians. All I had to do was attach the lamp wire to the doorknob before he came up. He never knew what hit him. And what about yours?"

"Oh," said the brunette, "I told him to close his eyes and I'd go down on him for as long as it would take. Then I made mincemeat out of him!"

"You certainly are wicked," the blond girl responded, beginning a daydream with variations on her friend's idea.

"Yeah, but now I just can't get over this belly ache."

Story #7


Anonymous said...

I'm not that bloodthirsty to enjoy the full extent of the idea;))

Indeterminacy said...

This is very good news for the men in your life ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh, my first comment is gone. Anyways, having read it a second time, I don't understand which girl did the Kamasutra like thing?

Indeterminacy said...

It was the blond. Blonds have more fun ;-)