Tuesday, August 17, 2004

She had led a solitary existence locked in the room all her life. She lived with her imaginary postcards, listened to music, read books, but it had all become intensely boring. Fortunately she also had a brilliant mind and turned it towards solving the problem of her isolation. Taking apart her computer and assembling the electronics in a new way, she transformed her closet into a boy machine. After programming her wishes she pressed the button. There were flashes of light and high voltage sounds as the door to the closet vibrated, then finally swung open. Out of the closet stepped the boy, just as she had envisioned him. Her face lit up with all the new possibilities as her body moved in a spontaneous dance of joy.

Story #5


Anonymous said...

I'm not so much into electronics but I did enjoy the story;)) Katarzyna

Indeterminacy said...

There's more to life than electronics ;-) Glad you liked the story.