Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Party Man™ was just the thing to have if you wanted your party to be a success. He could sit on the couch and entertain your guests with the most fascinating of conversations. Depending on which memory stick you plugged into him he could talk about fishing, Kafka, or even play mp3s. And if you used an extension cord, he could get up and mingle. Well, that was the theory. In reality he was never much of a success. People kept tripping over his wire and injuring themselves badly. And if you were unfortunate enough to spill a drink on him you could even electrocute yourself.

Story #6


Anonymous said...

He does look kind of dangerous. He makes me think of Benoit, the main character of the film "Man Bites DOg", a cheerful, sociable, eloquent man who happens to make a living by killing people and robboing them.

Indeterminacy said...
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Indeterminacy said...

Never saw the movie you mention. My first association when I saw this photo was meeting someone like this at a party and having to listen to his well-meaning but boring conversation. P.S. I think you will be very happy with tomorrow's story. ;-)