Saturday, August 14, 2004

There once was a boy who passionately hated his sister. In a burst of malignant inspiration he decided to make her jealous. One day, while his sister was at a friend's house he crept into her room and removed her favorite doll. He would play with it, become good friends with it, make it love him. After a few intense hours together with the doll his feelings for it blossomed. He felt now that he could never live without his sister's toy. In expression of this he embraced the doll as tenderly as he was able, but the doll merely pretended to love him back.

Story #2


admin said...

And the moral of the story is... jealousy is excused only in children
jealousy-driven actions can never have a good result.


(was looking for a spesific story in the archives and bumped on this one, not sure i will be able to track it down again, this or the other one, how many stories are there here anyway?)

Anonymous said...

I dout it is a Christinane doll!!!!! And he souns lik a young Mr. Indecency!!!!!!