Thursday, November 03, 2005

If you're coming here from, welcome! I hope you find something that will bring you back in the days and weeks to come.

Sorry, but I'm going to skip posting today and instead direct you to a story in the archives, which is one of my favorites. It's one of those devious inspirations that I enjoyed writing, and something I'd wanted to write for a long time, a story incorporating verse, something like James Thurber did in "The Wonderful O," and also a parody of Shakespeare, which is hard to do if you are only familiar with a few of his works. Anyhow, this is what I came up with. This particular photo was used for the weekend stories, and you'll see the contributions in the comments section. They have also been reposted at the companion blog Please do have a look at them, if you haven't seen them already.

I am sorry if you came expecting a new story. This is one day my time got out of control. But if you want to go somewhere after you've stopped here, I highly recommend


Anonymous said...

Hi ....its been pretty long since I visited ur blog.....and there are so many stories to read.....Hmmmm am gonna have a busy wkend !

Indeterminacy said...

Today's story will be late, because I haven't written it yet. I was counting on doing that when I got home, but took a nap, and didn't wake up until now! If anyone out there has an instant inspiration, please send it to me.