Monday, November 28, 2005

Robbing the cradle! That's what they thought when they saw the two together, pretty girl, fresh as a peach, with that weathered old husk of a man, face wizened and hair grizzled with age. She should have selected someone of a similar vintage. After all, they would be together the rest of their lives, and how long would that be? Five thousand, six thousand years? The immortality serum had introduced new social problems into the midst of the dating and growing-old-along-with-whoever-game. Add to that the complications of the serum itself, which caused the men to gray and bloat with age, while the girls remained as sweet as they ever were at sixteen. Perhaps it was the difference in metabolism, perhaps the fact that the serum was invented by a lady scientist. But love is blind, as they say, and so it wasn't so unusual to see men at the tender age of sixteen hundred going around with girls more than twice their age, in spite of what people said.

Story #313

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Jamie Dawn said...

Old Gepetto was used to making little wooden boy puppets. For some reason, he never paid much attention to females. Then, he saw Hannah. He was mesmerized by her beauty. He hugged her and tried to drag her into his workshop. She struggled and refused him until he offered her twenty bucks to pose naked. Now, he makes little wooden girl puppets, and Hannah drops by to pose naked once a week. Her fee has increased to fifty bucks, though, because Gepetto's sales have greatly increased.

viruswitch said...

I just wrote a story but rewrote it a hundred times.

I lost in a chess tournament and I cant think of anything now :P.

viruswitch said...

I did it. I did it because they asked me to do it. I didnt want to do it. But I did it. And the worse part of it: I enjoyed doing it. If they had asked me yesterday, I wouldnt have done it. But today, I did it. In a moment of weakness, I forgot my principles. Two strangers in disneyland asked me to take their picture, and I just ... did it!

The Mushroom said...

"I may be old and oddly-constructed, but by damn, I can still pick up the girls."

Jamie: That gives new meaning to "wood-working". Hoo boy, I've got my camera, where's my chisel?

confirmation word is:/ "whwtwwy" -- insert your own joke here

Miles to go said...

Indie, your sight is so enjoyable! Thank you for creating it!

“C’mere honey and let me scratch the itch off your cheek.”

Gyp’s love has become so banal where he really has lost love’s meaning long ago. He is bitter, though it is hard to tell with his painted on face. It is only there to show the world he can make a buck without his son Poker-chip and continue to stick a finger into Mattel’s eyes. Outside his adult toy shop he appears okay and he is determined to show he is not lonely while he hocks his feather mustaches for ...well you know… faint memories of kindness, respect, sensitivity and affectionate treatment in what once was his definition of love.

Young at Heart in San Diego said...

After his 65th birthday, Michael Jackson had finally decided to let his hair go naturally white. The last of his plastic surgeries had left his face virtually immobile, but at least his nose now had a more human aspect to it for the first time since the early 2000’s. And best of all, his eyes were now clearly European blue thanks to new corrective laser surgery, even if it didn’t cure his near-sightedness. Still he felt that wearing reading glasses was much easier to do while sporting big baby-blue eyes rather than the brown ones he was issued at birth. And life was good as he eased into his golden years. The last of the lawsuits were finally settled and he traded the rights to the Beatles songs to the Disney folks for exclusive use of Main Street in Anaheim with one stipulation: he would not pose for any public pictures with young men under the age of 18. So he had to be content with secretly groping flat-chested young girls. All in all, it was not a bad gig.

Indeterminacy said...

Jamie! You naughty girl! I loved your story. Twenty dollars is truly a bargain. Fifty, is also not so bad.

Viruswitch: I expected something naughty, but you fooled me ;-)

Mushroom: You're the master of captions, as always.

Miles to Go: That was a touching story. And I think you're the only one who thought of a story without the age theme. Way to go!

Young at Heart: That was wickedly funny. I loved it! Thanks for your contribution!

Doug said...

I love it! Anti-Gerasone!

Jamie Dawn, what happens when Hannah lies?

Jamie Dawn said...

Doug's comment really got me chuckling.

Indie, the thought of graying, bloated men would make me think the men might not want to live forever. Graying isn't bad, but being bloated is miserable.
I'll take some of that serum, please. Being sixteen forever sounds great to me.

The Mushroom said...

Jamie: The lessoning of lines and sag and increasing of energy might sound appealing, but your income and ability to travel would be diminished. The trouble with a girl being 16 forever, she quickly discovers, is forever being surrounded by lame 16 year old guys.

Indeterminacy said...

Doug: I've never heard of Anti-Gerasone, as it's not often mentioned in my spam mails. Then I found out it's from a book by Kurt Vonnegut!

Glad I don't have to answer your question to Jamie.

Jamie: Being gray and bloated is better than having outlived one's immortatlity. When I saw your recent pictures I figured you'd found some kind of secret about staying young.

Mushroom: I wrote some of my comics when I was 16 - should give you an idea of their quality.

~River~ said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog. Would've commented sooner, but...

I like what you do with pictures. I do this a lot with my poetry; especially when I go through a dry spell. Nothing like the visual image to get the words flowing.

Will be back soon to root around in your archives. :)

Indeterminacy said...

Hi River, I just posted today's story, and your comment rolled in at the same time. Syncrhonicity! Thanks for your positive words about my project. I very much enjoyed the poetry at your blog, but there's also a lot I still have to read, so maybe we will read each other's archives.