Friday, November 25, 2005

Now, the exciting conclusion of my "comic" from 1983 (Part 1 is here and part 2 is here). For those unable to read chicken scratch, here is the transcription:

Row 1, Frame 2: DON'T FLY AIR TITANIC // HIGHER WAGES, NOT SCABS // Hey, who's flying the plane?
Row 1, Frame 3: He's got a point. // Let's bail out before we get killed.
Row 1, Frame 4:
Row 1, Frame 5: Stewardess!
Row 1, Frame 6: I want to buy a parachute. // That'll be $79.95.
Row 2, Frame 1: I thought it was $29.95.
Row 2, Frame 2: It was. We had to raise the price because everyone's buying them now.
Row 2, Frame 3: HOLD BREATH // DING
Row 2, Frame 4: Passengers, please hold your breath for about five minutes. We're out of oxygen.
Row 2, Frame 5: Fly me to Miami or I'll set off a bug bomb!
Row 2, Frame 6: But sir, don't you mean Cuba? // What's the difference?
Row 3, Frame 1: Well, I'm sorry sir but no one on board knows how to fly the plane. // OK, sorry to bother you.
Row 3, Frame 2: Please fasten your safety belts, we're about to crash into a mountain.
Row 3, Frame 3: Calling Air Titanic Flight 0, Air Titanic Flight 0, come in please.
Row 3, Frame 4: Oh well, it looks like they lost another one. // KABLAM
Row 3, Frame 5:
Row 3, Frame 6:
Row 4, Frame 1: THE END
Row 4, Frame 2: A typical day on a typical flight...
Row 4, Frame 3: ...was brought to you by Indie...
Row 4, Frame 4: ...a major stockholder in Amtrak.
Row 4, Frame 5: Boy, that's the last time I fly this airline.
Row 4, Frame 6: KABLAMO // (Yeah, it was)


admin said...

I enjoyed the comic. Even if it didnt have a "happy end".

fin said...

homemade comix are the best.