Thursday, November 24, 2005

And now, part two of the exciting saga of Air Titanic, one of my early "works" from 1983. Don't worry, there aren't many more of these "works." And anyhow, I have no idea what box they're in. If you missed part one go there first. Happy Thanksgiving! (What a great time to post a turkey!)

To aid the naked eye in reading my scrawls, here is a transcript:

Row 1, Frame 1: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Air Titanic Flight 0. Please watch es the stewardess nearest you points out the various safety features of the plane...
Row 1, Frame 2: To operate the escape hatch...
Row 1, Frame 3: ...insert 50 cents into the slot...
Row 1, Frame 4: ...turn the handle...
Row 1, Frame 5: ...and exit the plane.
Row 1, Frame 6: In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure the "Hold Breath" light will come on...
Row 2, Frame 1: ...and you must hold your breath until the situation returns to normal. There is no smoking while the "Hold Breath" light is on.
Row 2, Frame 2: Coke machines are located at the front and rear of the coach. Parachutes ($29.95), seat belts ($9.95) and airsick bags ($5.00) are available at the sales booth at the front of the plane.
Row 2, Frame 3: On behalf of Captain Hindenburg and Co-pilot Lusitania we wish you a pleasant flight. This flight announcement was brought to you by Agent Orange, the breakfast drink for veterans.
Row 2, Frame 4:
Row 2, Frame 5:
Row 2, Frame 6: This is the co-pilot speaking. The complimentary alcoholic beverage will not be served on this flight as the Capt. drank everything we had. Capt. Hindenburg will be speaking to you as soon as he sobers up.
Row 3, Frame 1: Where are we going anyway? // I don't know. I forgot to check. // Help!
Row 3, Frame 2: Let's head for that air pocket. We'll make a killing on the airsick bags.
Row 3, Frame 3: Hey look, a wing fell off! // Look at the size of that tornado!
Row 3, Frame 4: Hey, we're flying upside down! // There goes our luggage.
Row 3, Frame 5: This is the Captain speaking. I apologize for the sudden turbulence we flew through. The navigator just hanged himself...
Row 3, Frame 6: Also, will any passenger knowing directions from Pittsburgh to Cleveland please step forward to the cockpit area at this time. Thank you.
Row 4, Frame 1: I think I'll read the magazine.
Row 4, Frame 2: THE ICEBERG // August 1962 // AN AIR TITANIC PRODUCTION
Row 4, Frame 6: This is your captain speaking. We've just received word that the management of Air Titanic has refused to approve our next contract. Effective immediately, all Air Titanic pilots are on strike. Thank you.

Click here to read the exciting conclusion!

Note to poor Viruswitch, who was thrown into a sudden state of shock by the first page of this cartoon, and began wandering the archives, commenting on ancient posts. I will take up her suggestion to find out the reader favorite. So all of you, please go through the archives and read all 312 of the stories and tell me which one you liked best.


Courtney said...

Hey first commenter. All right! Just wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving.

admin said...

Hehe, I got another shock today and I will think twice before wandering in your archives until late at night again. Coz I dreamt this morning that I was living two of your stories !? That the stories were real and I was in that indeterminancy world living in their reality :o. How weird that was! Creepy. I dreamt that you told me I should take one story with me. What an odd and surealistic dream. Anyway, last night I thought that this story is my favourite. But I havent read them all so...

BTW: Todays cartoon was really funny!!

Indeterminacy said...

Courtney: Thanks so much for the Thanksgiving wishes. Unfortunately I miss out on the holiday in Europe :-( Hope you're having a wonderful time with your family and friends.

Viruswitch: I really am concerned for you, wandering around in a state of shock through the Indeterminacy archives.It sounds so Twilight Zoney. Will you blog about it? Some people have said that this story was their favorite. I wonder if this is the one you ran into?

admin said...

Hahaha, oh that was a very funny story. I ve felt sometimes like that :O . Yes I ve already thought about blogging about it. Wait and see :D.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Do you still celebrate it abroad? I just did a whole cynical post on it.

I just started that new blog I told you about--so far, I've only put one poem. It is called spilled into nothingness and I linked you. It is going to be a team blog.

I'm so glad I found your page. You are so fun to read!

Ju said...

yes.. you can ;)s

Indeterminacy said...

Viruswitch: Can't wait to see your post ;-)

Enemy: Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. Havent yet read your post, but can't wait to, and the poem. I'll link up to your new blog tonight.

Ju: Thanks. What a lovely dream come true.

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your muse and your son.
We travelled all day yesterday to spend Thanksgiving with my hubby's family. We will be gorging in about two hours from now. I can hardly wait!
Remember to always count your blessings.