Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Today is International Women's Day! So to all of my visitors who are women, I wish you a very happy time today! You're all invited over to my place, and I'll sit you down on the couch and bring you a fresh cup of cappuccino and some conversation.

My post on the Indeterminacy Girls has been accepted in the Tenth Feminist Carnival How does that happen, you ask? The answer is, I hid my beard. Stop by there and have a look at the great content they've collected.

Now I'd like to share something cool I've come across with you. It's called, an offbeat and interesting place to find music, films, movies and people that might be on your wavelength. I signed up there a few days ago and already got a few messages including one from this intriguing lady: Mela. She has just begun a series of podcasts she's entitled Melafestos. Her regular blog is here. All I can say is I think it would be fun to start a revolution with her.

Postscript: This has been a wonderful day with lots of synchronicity in the air, so I thought I would add this. I came across a newborn blog, and I have a feeling it might be worth keeping an eye on! An Altered State of Consciousness


Cooper said...

Proud of ya Indie.

Anonymous said...

Aww, thanks! I'd love to sit and have you bring things to me...!

admin said...

Cant it be woman's day everyday? :))

Yesterday blogger didnt let me comment but I still have the message:

"Thats great news that your posting got accepted in the carnival of feminists especially on a day such as the womens day! Congrats.
Thanks for your wishes and I also wish happy womens day to everyone (well ok only to the women :)) ). I ll check your new links out! Not quite sure what podcast is.. "

Indeterminacy said...

Alice: And I'm really proud that cool gals like you read my blog!

Sandra: You're the only one who took me up on my invitation, so I'll have time to bake you some cupcakes, too. I also know how to make bagals.

Viruswitch: Thanks for trying so hard to get your comment posted. I'v decided to extend women's day three extra weeks for you.

Indeterminacy said...

P.S. I'll post a new story tomorrow (Friday)

Young at Heart in San Diego said...

Thank you Indie! I feel honored that you recognized us! What a great couple of months it has been for women here at your site. And I would be there in a nanosecond if we weren’t separated by an ocean or two. Next time I go to Europe, I’ll make a point to get to Germany. And OMG isn’t that Gary Wilson in the picture of the Altered State picture? What a cool new blog! I love the new sidebar that Virus put on the Galaxy site. And Virus, I still like the Galaxy name, it sort of lends a sci-fi feel to it, which I resonate to because well, I’m a little spacey, OK?

Indeterminacy said...

Young at Heart: You're definitely welcome to come visit us! I'll have to check that photo. Gary Wilson... that would be some real synchronicity. When I looked at domain names, I checked another-world, another-planet, another-moon, etc. They were all taken. But people think small. They never think another galaxy.