Friday, March 10, 2006

Sophie's eyes and Troy's eyes never met when they saw each other. Troy looked at Sophie, admired her hair resting on the shoulders, hair of dark auburn he wanted to touch, admired the arch of her back beneath the clothes. But Sophie wasn't looking visibly, though she may have smiled. She may have known, even felt the thoughts of Troy. Troy dreamed, gaze unfocused, wishing wishes of Sophie. Sophie felt his eyes gone elsewhere, drifting to his dream distraction. Then she studied him, admired angular shoulders, hands to grasp her, wistful wonderings of a kiss she herself might borrow from his lips, then wondering more, ending when the bus came to speed her away. Close behind came Troy's to carry him off. Two dreams dispersing like the tide from a shore - until tomorrow.

Story #343

Note from Indeterminacy: Virustwitch has posted an excellent story at Another Galaxy!

Further footnote: This story was written while listening to Nico's "Chelsea Girl" (1968).


admin said...

Is it just me or is this extremely romantic? Very nice story and picture!

Ann Marie Simard said...

No, it's not just you viruswitch, nice handle / name by the way.... I think so too. The girl definitely looks like a Sophie!

I had to come here to say "Hey Indeterminacy, I really think you are talented and my job is to recognize an original concept when I see one".

And here's one more!

You've got that. But I can say "okay... it's not too bad..." if you insist.

Ann Marie

Indeterminacy said...

Viruswitch: The music I was listening to was kind of dreamy. Maybe that influenced the story. Usually I never listen to music when I write these things because that tends to distract my ideas. I want to be in control of them and not the music.

Ann Maire: OK, you can be enthusiastic. But don't be afraid to give negative feedback, either.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful romantic dreams that you painted for this photograph Inde. I wonder what happens "tomorrow"...

Indeterminacy said...

Hi Bio! Great that you stopped by! I hope that tomorrow they try to talk to each other. Otherwise they may go on never meeting.

Jamie Dawn said...

Darn it! Why can't they be on the same bus?

Mutha said...

Listening to Nico makes sure nobody meets. Her voice is simply too full of regret.
First time to your blog and think it is fantastic -- concept and content. I'll look forward to future chances to write.

Indeterminacy said...

Mutha: Thanks for your kind words. Of course you're always welcome to stop by here, and I hope you do.

I suppose you're right about Nico, though I never really felt melancholy listening to her. That's probably what happened.

I do have a love story with a happy end in the archives.