Thursday, February 17, 2005

Minerva was possessed by a demon. She roamed around growling and clawing at whatever came her way. Objects of lust were basely consumed, in a spiritual sense, sometimes physically, as well. One day Minerva was attracted to Maria. Maria was a pious creature, in whose body an angel lived. She prayed for life. She prayed for love. She prayed for death. But she never prayed for lust. The angel inside her dozed momentarily, enabling the feelings of life, love and death to fuse into a lust that flowed into Maria's blood and pulsed with the beat of her heart. She sprang from the wall and embraced the flesh-covered demoness. In the consummation of intense intimacy the two natures accidentally interchanged. Minerva returned to Maria's place on the wall, assumed the lotus position, and began a prayer. Maria began to growl with a hunger for lust.

Story #163

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The Mushroom said...

My mother warned me about girls like these two. She never did want me to have any fun, did she?

Minerva learned a valuable physics lesson -- that Newton's Third Law does not only apply to bodies in motion.

Maria learned a new proverb -- "be careful what you pray for, you might just get it." ps: Maria... call me.