Monday, February 28, 2005

As Vincent jammed on his guitar spirits of the great guitarists intermingled with the sound vibrating throughout the room. Charlie Christian was there hovering in one corner. Wes Montgomery and John Fahey were in another. Jimi Hendrix and Robert Johnson arrived together, met Danny Gatton floating in through the open window. Duane Allman with his Southern rock aura danced on the ceiling. George Harrison met the Slavic soul of Krzysztof Klenczon and they duelled together on air guitars, variations on Vincent's themes. More and more spirits converged, filling the room with inspiration. The longer Vincent jammed, the more spontaneous his music became. The combined creativity in the air seeped into his unconscious, guiding his fingers, while his musical feeling flowed into the room, affecting the dancing specters of genius. A wonderful symbiosis had arisen. It was heaven for all. It was holy.

Story #173

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The Mushroom said...

It's all part
of my rock-n-roll fantasy
It's all part
of my rock-n-roll dream...
-- Bad Company