Wednesday, February 16, 2005

In the beginning there was the Universe. And it was vast and empty. And the boredom that filled it constricted God who watched over it all. "Let there be light," He told it. And there was light. It filled the vastness from one infinite end to the other. But the boredom would not be vanquished. It became merely an illumined boredom with light that burned dullness into the eyes. God created shadows to contrast the light, so that now the light shared its endless space with its opposite. But the shadows were dead and unmoving. And the light was dead and unmoving. Yet God yearned for life and movement. Then He created the dancer, to charm shadows and strew light with her whims of spontaneous motion. And He saw that it was good. God now had all that He could ever desire.

Story #162

Note from Indeterminacy: This story is dedicated to Patrick of Aquarius Books, a great source of light in Cincinnati, on the occasion of his birthday.


The Mushroom said...

And on the seventh day, Snap said "Rhythm is a dancer." And she was.

Anonymous said...

Fantasy wondefurlly used ... and teh pic is really BEAUTIFUL! This is one of the best posts I read here!! :)** M.P.

Indeterminacy said...

M.P.: Thank you for that very kind comment. Even if it were completely dark, you could still see me blushing.