Monday, August 14, 2006

Sherry stretched on the beach towel, catching the hot breaths of sunlight on shoulders, belly and breasts. At that same moment a drop of saltwater splashed into the space-time-continuum causing a schism in the realities. Body still browning, a universe of billiards imposed itself upon her head. She was to supervise the rapid rolling of the orbs - no fouls were to be made, no paths modified against the rules of quantum mechanics, no illicit collisions. Initiated by the long, thin stocks of phallic wood, the rounded geometries shot rulered paths of straightness until ultimate collisions convened over new angles.

Crash! It happened! The hurdling Cue Ball smashed unabashed into the Eight. Cries went up from the balls with Stripes, as Solid had committed the foul. Sherry declared it a foul, and cast a stern look upon the wall of solid-colored orbs arrayed in anger against her. The balls dispersed and resumed their positions on the surface, but perspiration formed on her brow, encouraged by the grumbled epithets she overheard as the billiards whizzed much too close past her cheeks.

As the game wore on, the constellation of eyeless countenances had an unsettling affect that she tried not to show. It reminded her of her precarious position, one head against a horde of rolling spheres the size of small cannonballs. Her suppressed unease broke her equilibrium. She slipped and toppled into a backwards roll, tumbling the players off their positions. As they stifled their unplanned momentum, they reversed and began paths converging in the center of her presence. Sherry's head revolved, taking in the panorama of rolling objects coming from all sides. Her expression froze in terror beyond screams. Just then the drop of saltwater that had caused the schism of parallel juxtaposition evaporated. Her head shimmered back to the beach and onto her resting form sunning on the towel. But despite the afternoon of sun, her skin from neck to toe was as white as a cue ball.

Story #369

Thank you all for the stories you posted! Tomorrow I'll post another of my stories written at age 11... (Before anyone thinks of asking: I was not 11 when I wrote this one!)

And ohmigod! I didn't think of this until just now but today begins my third year of blogging. The first Indeterminacy story was posted on August 13th, 2004.


The Mushroom said...

As often happened with such a young girl, Jenny got into trouble... but she was so cute and innocent, rather than being behind the 8-ball she received half of that sentence.

Frances bo bancess said...

with the added, rather large ball now in play, Micheal found himself wondering, 'should i bounce the four off the cushion into the side pocket or should i knock the four into the two into the corner pocket hoping that the four will be spun into the adjacent corner pocket.' he glaced at his opponent, who was glaring at him with loathing distaste. with a lead of five, sinking the two balls would put him on the eight ball. but judging by his nemesis' expression, if he took that shot, heads would surely roll.

Unknown said...

The planets were barren, orbiting too dim a sun.

Artic said...


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Indeterminacy said...

The fact that I'm commenting now means I've already written my story ;-)

Mush: Love it! And I don't think I've heard that one before.

Frances: You have a wicked sense of humor with this one. I didn't see that shot coming!

Doug: Oh dear! Somebody turn up the sun!

Indeterminacy said...

Hugo: Your blog does look interesting - lots of interesting photos, videos, etc. Sorry that I can't read Spanish though. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Norbert had an odd way of playing pool. The beach ball and the girl's head necessitated extra-large pockets, but the head was a good conversationalist, unless you poked her in the eye.

P. S. This is so timely, as Toyplayer, Grandpa Weirsdo and I played a lot of pool over the vacation (Grandpa is the only one who's any good, though).

Indeterminacy said...

Mrs. Weirsdo: I like your story. If you could bribe the girl's head, she could start coughing everytime your opponent tried to make a shot.

P.S. I never played much pool, but I got my hand caught in a pool table once when I was a kid. (I had tried to reach in to get one of the balls. They had to take it apart to get my hand out!

Tom & Icy said...

She's a nice looking gal to have balls. Or maybe she just likes playing with them. That drop was a nice touch, like the butterfly effect. One little thing can change so much or take us on stange paths. You still have that special touch and it appears you always have had it.

Unknown said...

Happy third year. I always could tell that pool balls had minds and bad hearts.

Indeterminacy said...

Lammy: You're much too kind. If I've always had it, I wish somebody would have told me way back when so I could have done something about it.

Anyhow, she should be careful. Those kinds of balls can lead to serious head injuries!

Indeterminacy said...

Doug: Thanks! My sister-in-law's birthday was today, too! We called her up and sang happy birthday in English, German and Polish.

Anonymous said...

wow three years?

You should have posted a huge sign.

Congratulations on the staying power.

If you are here in three years I think your good to go forever.


Indeterminacy said...

Cooper: I'm not a big one for celebrating my birthdays. They might easily go by without my noticing. Same goes for my blog anniversaries. But it turned out OK without my thinking about it. Posting my first stories ever during anniversary week is probably a good way to celebrate.