Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The women's chamber might have been a bedroom in a house of plaster walls and painted shutters. The entire spaceship was made to look homey, a way to keep the travelers relaxed during the interstellar prelude to the hard work of colonization. Now it was night and time to sleep, though it was always night on their journey past glowing novas and shooting asteroids. The girls mused over the colony they would form with Captain Consus as guardian. They were to share him as a mate.

- He's so handsome.
- That sweet, boyish face!
- He gave me orders this morning, and his hand brushed mine!
- I want to be first with him!
- We can't all be first.
- Can't we?

Consus listened secretly over the master intercom, the feminine voices twining in and out of his fantasies. In and out. He was quite excited about the idea of six willing women on a planet they'd have all to themselves. Winning the assignment had required countless favors and bribes, as well as forged papers. He'd even had to give himself to a few men along the way to have them slip his application higher in the queue of prospective captains, and to turn a blind eye to any disqualifying details. He shuddered with disgust at the memory of that, but there had been no other way. And there he now lay in his segregated cabin, staring dreamily beyond the walls of the vessel towards the planet of their future habitation. He lay dozing in bed as the chatter of his promised harem swirled weightlessly about him.

Following landfall the six ladies gathered in the clearing to await consummation of the agreed duties. The captain approached still in uniform, face lighting beatifically at sight of his waiting flock. "You won't change your mind, will you?" he asked with a shy smile that stroked each and every one of them. They nodded their assent. As he opened his uniform the ladies realized the colony would take a new direction. The suit slid away to reveal the body of a woman. Consiva was her name.

Story #353

Postscript: I changed Consa's name to Consiva. I simply had to. It's so perfect. Story #354 is a sequel to this.


Anonymous said...

It should be one of those "to be continued" story with pictures and details Indie,a juicy report on colonizing new worlds.

Indeterminacy said...

Gerard! I don't have those kinds of pictures! If you have some I'd like to see them. Seriously, I often think any continuation I could think of wouldn't do justice to the imagination of the ones reading. I always try to end on a note that raises as many questions as it answers. I hope that's really happening.

admin said...

All seemed to be the perfect (fe)male fantasy until...! :O Great story with an unexpected turn of events.

david raphael israel said...

okay you pull a fast one on your readers. But this switcheroo flies in the face of the basics of Colonisation 101! Procreation is no laughing matter! These women were carefully screened for Motherhood, yes? Houston, we've got a problem. Twoenty zillion miles without a Y chromosome: not a pretty picture. I'm not generally pulled into arguing with a scifi premise. But humph & harumph; survival of the species is not only some romp in the park. The luxury of unpropogational sex is perhaps best cultivated in overpopulated regions. Progenitors sans . . . well enough, you get the idea.

Of course Part 2 could reveal a responsible streak in Consa's machinations, yes? (She had nicely sealed away in the fridge some estimable genius-seedbank sepecimens?)

Unknown said...

Sartre meets Poul Anderson meets Penthouse letters? Nice combo. When's part II?

Indeterminacy said...

Viruswitch: I didn't know if the story could really pull of the "bait and switch" that it apparently did. I am glad it worked.

But, David, Doug and Gerard: Now I think I know what I didn't like about the story. It leaves too many loose ends. It's not completely self-contained, and you guys now all want sequels. Wouldn't it be nicer to just imagine them living happily ever after?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I wasn't clear, I like this story and that's why I'd like to have it continued.Let's have it straight: Sure enough, Consa's got what she wanted and I suppose it's quite alright to imagine they all lived happily ever after, my "voyeur" part of me would like to see more of that ever after.

Indeterminacy said...

I can see I'm going to have trouble getting out of this corner Consa has painted me into ;-)
Will it suffice if I just give you a link to satisfy your curiosity?

(To be honest, I like my story better now than I did yesterday - especially after polishing it.)

Indeterminacy said...

Believe it or not, I made up the name "Consus", and merely did a cursory check to see if it existed. Looking more closely I find this description of the name, the Roman God of the storing of grain. He's closely related to the Roman Goddess of fertitily (Ops Consiva). Maybe I should change Consa to Consiva?

Anonymous said...

No burden

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The Mushroom said...
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The Mushroom said...

Dance, to the movement of the stars
Sing till the walls around us ring
Pray that it never fades away
Until we sleep

Feast, go ahead now, take your fill
Drink, till the room begins to sway
Play, and your cares will blow away
Until we sleep

Into a deep and dreamless sleep our spirits fall
And what we sow we cannot reap nor keep at all

-- David Gilmour, 1983

ie said...

"smile. be happy. tomorrow, all of you will finally be mermaids," ursula said in a raspy voice.

it was not difficult for the six ladies to do so. they were so joyful that the bed seemed wide enough to accommodate at least ten people. the lack of ventelation also didn't matter, there was a really good painting of big window panes anyway. they only had to imagine about it, and about the better days to come.

but it is beyond their imagination ursula's casual lapses during transmogrification procedures, as well as the perks of being ursula's boobies.