Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Harvey became the first soul in theological history to demand expulsion from heaven. He was a masochist who couldn't come to terms with the paradisiacal pleasures heaven had to offer. They tossed him from the cloud to a harp fanfare and waves of good riddance. A short time later he toppled into hell, which Satan had just made over into an icy wasteland. Satan wanted a change and the frostbite burns of absolute zero were just as delightful to him as the seared flesh of brimstone. Harvey landed naked and shivering before a horde of demonettes poised to pelt his unprotected body with snowballs. But this was, after all, hell. Masochist or not, Harvey had to suffer. Despite his pitiful begging, the demonic mistresses never let fly their sensual pellets of coldness, but followed him around, feinting imaginary blows. As for pain, if Harvey wanted pain, he could have pain. Satan, ever the opportunist, put him to work shoveling snow.

Story #175

Note from Indeterminacy:
This is part two of a three part set. Part one is here. The prequel is here.


The Mushroom said...

Thank you for the visual of what a snowball's chance in Hell looks like. Who knew it would resemble a 'Price Is Right' showcase? :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, again! You've changed religious stereotypes in a real amusing way,Dr. Mabuse! ** M.P.

Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

Too frelling funny. In the end we all get what's coming to us.

Love and Light

Matt Bell said...

Excellent writing, entertaining and enlightening. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Once again, very funny! I like the idea of a continuing story. Maybe you could create some kind of character who shows up in your stories once in a while - might be interesting.

Indeterminacy said...

Thanks everyone for all the comments. Karl: I'm going to hang onto that idea. A recurring comic character might be just the thing. Maybe it could be Harvey, if he ever figures a way out of his current situation.

Matt: Hope to see you here again. It's quite a compliment to have an established writer share feedback like that.