Sunday, May 29, 2005

It's the weekend again. For those of you surfing in via BlogExplosion, and don't know what it's about, every weekday I post a found photo and a story inspired by the found photo. On weekends I invite the visitors to try their hand at a story (See above photo, kindly donated by Mushroom). Each month I give a prize to one of the contributors, selected at random, a b+w self-enlarged photograph I took myself. I post my story on Monday, and move the stories posted here in the comments section to Anyone who contributes also gets a link at that site. And you are all invited to submit photos of your own for next weekend's story.

Now an update on the Petesville situation over at Pansifiles, based on several rumors which have come to my attention. After I posted Friday's story exposing the shocking Barbie-morality that rules in Petesville, complete order broke down. Betty Boop is safe. She's with me now. But President Pete is said to have been deposed and was lately seen surfing from blog to blog, from an undisclosed location, leaving comments reflecting his total loss of contact with reality. It's a sad situation, but was bound to happen sooner or later. Hopefully things will be back to normal after Mrs. Weirsdo returns from her vacation. For further information on what this is all about, please refer to the Friday morning post.


alix said...

bah! i've missed so much! and looks like there's some good storytellin' going on, too...
will catch up later. :)

Tom & Icy said...

Just a side note. Icy met composer John Cage and he taught her to play a song on the piano! Guess which song!

Courtney said...

Oh no! Not again. The evil bunny of snowy white doom has escaped and taken 3 little girls! The bunny is harmless unless she bites you. If that happens, unfortunately, there's nothing you can do except wait. Just wait for your rabbit inflicted demise. When the next full moon comes, you will be transformed into the very evil creature that punctured your skin. Oh, my gosh. It seems the little one in the middle has already been bitten. Look! She's turning already. Oh the humanity!!!

Courtney said...

You said we can send in our own pictures for use. Here are twoI took that I thought you might like. The urls are below.

Courtney said...
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Courtney said...

weirsdo said...

Icy: I'm betting it's that one where the pianist comes in and doesn't play for 3 minutes and however many minutes it is. I bet you are a virtuoso at it.
I once performed his piece for 12 radios.

Jamie Dawn said...

The Gibbons sisters weren't nearly as excited to see the Easter Bunny as their grandma thought. She had them stand in line and wait to get their picture taken. They put on fake smiles and pretended to be really excited.
Inside, they were saying this:
Girl on the left: I always thought the Easter Bunny was a boy bunny. Something smells.
Girl on the right: How can I get rid of Grandma and make it look like an accident? Peeee-ew!
Wanda (in the bunny suit): I wonder how profitable prostitution is? God, these girls smell!
Girl in the middle: Oooops! I just tooted.

Tom & Icy said...

My dog, Icy, being a student of human behavior, was observing the kids next door when the Easter Bunny came and took them to a toy store, showering them with gifts like Santa Claus. It seemed very generous and philanthropic on the part of the rabbit until there were sudden screams from the house as the hare snickered and scurried down its hole. The father came out with a shotgun and the mother was in tears as she waved the bill for the toys in the air. It was just like Christmas all over again!

alix said...

dammit, i've been looking for that white rabbit everywhere! ;)

The Mushroom said...

Jamie: Just an aside -- There was an episode of COPS where they were running a prostitution sting; the working girls were approached by a vice officer in a clown suit. Rather amusing [pun semi-unintended] number of takers on the offer.

Love your stories, Courtney and Jamie and Tom/Icy. I contributed the photo because I couldn't think of anything to say myself on it, or that would be considered kosher. This is the first Easter bunny I've ever seen that didn't have a full-head bunny mask.

(Speaking of folks in costume, down the street is a mattress store and they have a guy in a Serta sheep costume dancing around on the sidewalk waving at traffic. It's been about 90°F out the last few days, so that's got to be horrible. Funny part: the guy inside was my camp counselor in 1983 at the United Methodist summer camp I went to for years. How the mighty have fallen.)

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Hi- It's the green-eyed insominiac. So, are you two the authors of the Pansi Files to which I have commented recently on? (Weirdso replied on my site, but i'm not sure if it was mr. Or mrs.)

I'm sleep blogging, so this is my way of saying "hi" to both of you & thx for stopping by. I cannot look at my daughters' outgrown dolls in the same fashion anymnore....wait, they've been dontaed but they have clung to certain stuffed animals (gasp, guffaw...giggle)

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

OMG, I cannot delete my comment now! I did not read your post thoroughly to note that this is a writing contest! That would have been fun. This is not a submission. I gave up S & M for lent even though I'm of the wrong ethnic persuasion.... I love to write. Well, just chuckle, delete, or ignore my comment preceding this ghoul- lash stew. (It's merely an appartion like the ghosts I see and talk to when I sleep-walk.) This is tongue in cheek (the UPPER one), since you don't know me. ;)

Indeterminacy said...

Alix: I stopped by your blog occasionally, but my own link list is starting to overwhelm me. I could spend full time reading other people's blogs. Things have been moving fast over at Pansifiles. Petesville is imploding.

Tom & Icy: I'm surprised John Cage didn't introduce the random element of spontaneous animal sounds in his concerts, like a cow mooing, etc. I think it might have worked.

Courtney: I like the idea of bunny-vampires, so sweet and cuddly, and then zap, you're bit. This is something completely new. I really wracked my brain to think up my ending, though the lead-up was simple. And thanks for the photo links. I already found that picture of you at your blog sitting at the edge of the canyon, like an enlightened female Buddha.

Weirsdo: Though I love John Cage's Indeterminacy cd, I never heard this 4'33" piece.

Jamie: And thank YOU too for your story. That's a nice dynamic, with switching from thought to thought, contrasting and complimenting each other. I don't think I've tried that yet.

Tom and Icy: I think you two would have had more fun if the parents had hidden chocolates around the yard. You'd have had no trouble sniffing them out.

Mushroom: If it's any consolation, I thought this photo was very hard to write for.

Green-Eyed Lady: I've been so busy this past week but I know I visited your site, I just can't remember if I commented or not.

I'm not connected with the Pansi files site. I was just one of the first ones who stumbled upon them, and I've been trying to reveal the truth about what's going on there ever since. Mrs. Weirsdo ran into difficulties when she wrote a review of my site. That didn't sit well with Pansi.

Any comments are always welcome here. You don't have to contribute a story.