Monday, February 25, 2008

Striped socks, checked socks, striped socks, checked socks
coursed Theta's thoughts, as she stood before the mirror.
The skin of her soles touched the floor – the planks of the wood were happy.
Checkers make the boys go blind, spinning cubes before their eyes.
Stripes might make them lose their mind, wondering what is hid behind.
Blind boys. Crazy boys. Blind boys. Crazy.
She dressed in stripes for today she was lazy.
Now she waited, staid in the park, wond'ring if crazy was what she'd want.

Story #420

This wonderful sketch appears by kind permission of Tabita.


weirsdo said...

At first Lynne was enchanted with the elf's gift of magic stockings. She danced better than all the other girls now, just as the little man had promised.
But over the ensuing weeks, the gift became a curse as Lynne was consumed with longing for the little red shoes he had withheld.

Indeterminacy said...

Mrs Weirsdo! The story is lovely! These sketches are magical to inspire such little gems.

GPV said...

Liza was upset,to think about the way Henry blaise checked-mate her in only ten moves made her feel
dizzy, and the bet they agreed on was to be paid to the winner.
Henry was silently observing her,
she thought "rats,I'll keep my stockings on and just pust my skirt up".

Indeterminacy said...

GPV: Who said chess was a boring game!

weirsdo said...

I was very proud that I knew about the fried liver attack in the last set of stories.

Thanks, Indie. I didn't realize both of them started the same way until after I read your comment.

weirsdo said...

BTW, I really like Tabita's work. The chess drawing reminds me of Garth Williams' illustrations for CHARLOTTE'S WEB.

Cheesemeister said...

The only thing I can say is that this looks rather like me when I was 18. I was never a raving beauty, but I thought I was fat and ugly. Now I really am fat and ugly and wish I looked like that again, but would do anything not to be as miserable as I was then.

Indeterminacy said...

Mrs Weirsdo: Tabita's drawings remind me a little of some artwork by a German artist Willy Hohmann (1897-1963) - the colors and the playful sense. I think that's what caught my eye.

Cheesemeister: I am thin and ugly, so I guess we should just hug each other.

Banno said...

Checkers and stripes. A story, or a poem? Lovely.

Mrs. Weirsdo, oh, the longing for red shoes. Every girl's dream.

La delirante said...

Really lovely!

"Stripes might make them lose their mind, wondering what is hid behind". Loved it :)

Have a great week!

Indeterminacy said...

Muchas gracias, La Delirante! I'm confronted by the idea of insanity a lot these days, at home. Our son picked up this phrase from English class and uses it all the time: "Are you mad!?"

Kim said...

ah yes it's wonderful to be mad !!

I DO love this drawing...lots of talent and the accompanying story/poem really WORKS !!

Indeterminacy said...

Thank you Kim for your very kind words! I love Tabi's drawing too - and it's nice to know you thought the story/poem (I don't know either which) worked. I forwarded your comment to Tabi.

Anonymous said...

She waited there... dreaming of him remembering that beautiful day when he gave them to her.. when his words built a wonderful fairytale around her.. Oh! love forever, love always, he even gave her the socks to cross into her new world with! What a wonderful gift for a lovely new world! Her fairytale had come true at last. Her prince charming rescued her from the horrible real world with striped socks. To bad he still has a fairytale job.