Monday, February 11, 2008

I sit gazing at the most beautiful girl in the world. It wasn't easy making the arrangements for this to happen. It took months in quest of her mere existence, months of walking the streets, lurking on corners near beauty salons and hair studios. Ironically the girl who caught my eye walked a straight line past a salon without even turning her head. She was completely natural. Exactly what I wanted, needed, desired for my purposes. A girl of lesser aesthetics, touched up cheaply to hide her imperfections, would not be satisfying to me.

Once I had spotted her, I had of course to arrange a chance meeting, and to make it appear as chance. I could not in the slightest way pursue her. That would be all too familiar to her. Pursuit. That boorish behavior of the conquering male. It would frighten her away. Our contact had to come about in a way that made it seem as if she were the initiator. I trailed her to her apartment, noted the address, then arranged rooms across the street from her. From there I could observe her routine, and once I instinctively felt every regularity and variation of it, could blend myself into it, producing the mutual proximity that would lead to her noticing me.

After a week of observation I had her routine, and constructed my habits to match hers. We saw each other in the same bus, in the same stores, at the bank. My appearance is tall and distinctive - it wasn't long before she began to notice me. And finally, in a sudden moment, when we found ourselves catching each other's eye, a hint of a smile formed on her lips. Then I knew - that it was time. I began a conversation with her, "You live around here, don't you? We always seem to run into each other."

"I live around the corner on N----- Street, next to the tobacco shop," she told me.

"Ah, that's why we see each other so often - I live right across from you. I was sure you couldn't have been stalking me!"

She laughed a disarming laugh of childlike charm, not sensing the irony of what I'd stated. It was progressing beautifully. Soon we found ourselves immersed in conversation that flowed like rivers flow: swiftly, madly, wildly. All the while, in back of my mind, the knowledge of what was to come. Soon I would take her. I would take her, and have her as long as I wanted. But now I must make my move. My instincts told me she would not refuse a drink at a neutral location, the corner cafe, for example. To invite her to my apartment, now, for the drink, would have created too direct an impression, and possibly ruined my entire plan. She would not invite me to her place either, not this soon. But the location was inconsequential to me.

I am very good at card tricks, the sleight of hand necessary to hide objects and make them appear. It's all done with misdirection. And so, when we sat across from each other, flowing in words, it was simplicity itself to slip the drops into her drink. She would not become ill or lose consciousness, rather she would become highly relaxed and susceptible to my hypnotic attentions. I began swaying my head slightly as I spoke to draw her into the rhythm, and as I picked up the glass to drink a sip, I held it suspended, creating the pendulant motions that would open her psyche to my suggestions.

My gestures and movements drew her deeper and deeper into a pleasing passivity. When I was finished, she trusted me implicitly, as if I were her own father, a father who had never damaged that trust. That was the look she gave me - a culmination of all that was pure and honest in her. I made a good note of the way she looked at me, because that is the look I needed to memorize while she was able to give it. After the drink, we said goodbye, with the nonchalant suggestion of doing it again sometime. She left, but did not return to her apartment. In her mesmerized state, I had subtly instructed that she lived in my apartment. Some more sleight of hand had exchanged my key for hers. She entered my rooms, removed her clothes, stretched herself onto my bed, and slept - with the oblivion of a stone. I followed her upstairs, with my second key, entered the bedroom, and began. To take her.

I know no other word for what I readied myself to do, so I say "to take her" because on a simple level, it is analogous to the taking of a picture. I brought out the gel, a gel of my own making, and began to massage it onto her body, front and back, over her entire form, her neck, her face, the work of art that nature had made of her flesh and her limbs, until she was completely encapsulated. The gel hardens swiftly and can be pulled off with no pain or consequence to the real skin. This I carefully did, giving me the parts of a mold. When I was finished I sponged the traces of my work from her slumbering physique. Next I returned her keys to her purse, and whispered the suggestion that would thaw the sleep into a state of vague wakefulness. She rose, reclothed herself, returned to her apartment, still in a trance, still in a daze, but with no remembrance of what had occurred from the time she first smiled at me. She will have lain down on her bed, sound asleep, while I, at the same moment began the intense work with the molds I had taken, to construct the perfect symmetry of her, lifelike and desirable in every way, down to her ruby smile and trusting eyes, pearls of finest agate. So real. So real. The hair to ornament her head I stitched into the scalp strand by strand, hair selected to match her color and length as if it had come from a twin. I placed the finished model in the corner, shone a light upon it, the likeness so close to perfection that it seemed to possess an aura. Now I am old, and the living girl's beauty and trust have given way to the erosions of time and experience. But her original youth and exuberance are completely, eternally mine.

Story #416

Consider this a Valentine's Day story, even if it is a little early. Thank you everyone for your patience, and for the stories and comments you made. I will answer them in the next days. For now, I hope you enjoyed this story, and Story #414, in case you haven't noticed, has also been posted a few weeks ago.


Mavin gave me and a few other bloggers a nice surprise for Christmas, which post I'll be answering in the next days:

Thanks, Mavin, for the very kind thoughts! And Happy Birthday (Jan. 2nd)!


ariel said...

Happy and Peaceful New Year to you and yours, Indie!

Doug said...

That is a nice picture for the new year. Fly free without turbulence.

kevin wecker said...

Without warning, Frannie suddenly grew taller than anyone thought possible! Jenny, her best friend was amazed, as she could look through her ear and view the world outside!

[Happy New Year, Indie!]

cooper said...

Well, you are an amazing blogger.

Happy New Year.

I still have family hanging around though I have to work in the morning.
It's been a long fun week. It sounds like you are having a lovely holiday.

Cheesemeister said...

Kendra sat in the cafe waiting for Oly to arrive. He always kept her waiting during ice fishing season. She waited and waited and waited, alternating between hoping he hadn't fallen through the ice and wishing that he had.

The Grocer said...

“So you don’t mind the camera then?” I find myself asking. She smiles back at me, “No, “It’s kind of unusual but I don’t mind.”
“ I have a channel on You Tube” I explain, “and I’m going to use all tonight’s footage on there, I thought some of it might be interesting.”
“So have you been speed dating before?” I ask.
“Oh yeah, I’ve done this a few times now it’s a giggle” she replies.
“I’m surprised you need to” I say, “your young and pretty, I would have thought you could have your pick of men.”
“Mmm, this way I get to meet lots of guys without any, er you know”, she pauses searching for the right word, “hassle.”
“It’s kind of a fairly cheap night out” she adds a moment later.
I zoom the camera a little using the remote focuser in my left hand just under the table out of sight. I want to get a good shot of her full lips. I can see now she’s blushing ever so slightly, not quite as confident as she puts out I think to myself.
We chat for a short time, she is a student, Media Studies amusingly given my actions. My attention begins to wane, I glance over her left shoulder at my next date, jet black her, false tan, white jacket, slightly older. The buzzer sounds, I pause the tape, “White Jacket girl sits down in front of me.
“So you don’t mind the camera then?” I ask.

Mavin said...

You're welcome Indie. I'm finally 21 and I had a really good drunken birthday party to celebrate.

Btw that girl is really attractive. :)

Take care

DeLi said...

John was amazed. "This is my bestfriend Jenna" he tells himelf. "we've been together since gradeschool and yes, she is a pretty girl". We went to high school together he reminded himself.

But then again, their different dreams led them to different palces. John went on pursuing photography and havent heard from Jenna. Not until their high school reunion.

He was not surprised that she pursued nursing. she has always beena gentlke spirit. Caring for the injured - dogs, cats.....

"She is a pretty girl, yes, my childhood pretty friend" John continued.

And then he realized, Jenna is now a beautiful woman.

Lily Strange said...

There were but three meager stories in the Xmas Fruitcake Story Contest. Anyone who is so inclined can come vote for their favorite here.

The OE said...

When OE arrived at the gate for the flight home from his latest secret mission, he gazed across from his seat and it was love at first sight

Anonymous said...

Oh the entire thing hurt like hell! haha luckily i didn't scream. Got pretty close to it though.

As always indie your writing... leaves me speechless. I feel like you can transport me to that secret castle in the sky. You've got a magical brain. :D

Sandy said...

A year gone. With all its happenings good or bad. Festivals, happiness, new technologies on one side whereas accidents, calamities, terrorism on the other.

Anyway welcoming 2008 with a new black dress and a pleasant smile as always. Lets hope my smile will bring u happiness in this coming year.

The Mushroom said...

She was the one ancient warned their children about. She crushed lives, consumed souls, wreaked havoc and chaos, and left a trail of destruction in her wake. She was your biggest fear and scariest nightmare, but much worse since she actually existed. She was your doom waiting to happen.

And she is available this Saturday night for dinner and a movie.

master mistery said...

Hi Indie, I haven't got a story for the pic, but I wanted to let you know about my new blog cosmic rapture. I've added Indeterminacy to Cosmic's blogroll, and I hope you will feel able to do the same.

Interested in your feedback on Cosmic's look and feel.


Mutha said...

It would be a good couple of minutes before Suzy knew anything about what the lady in the white jacket had already seen. But that would be for the best.

Happy New Year Indie.

weirsdo said...

Of course we already knew you were an amazing blogger.
The Svankmajer films look intriguing. Unfortunately the Youtube link kept making my browser quit.

Irene Grumman said...

Wait a minute, I know that girl! She's the daughter of an old friend in New York. She sings really well. Oh, no, she's my sister's goddaughter. She's Gretel from Hansel and Gretel? What a wonderful North European beauty, and so sweet.

yumen said...

"I beg your pardon?!" she said, clearly taken aback.
"All good frogs wear black," I said again.
"I can't believe it! I've only just met you; what on earth makes you think you have the right to say something like that to me?"
"I don't understand," I said, and truly I didn't. "What's so offensive?"
"What's so offensive?! Are you serious? Jesus! Listen, I don't think this is going anywhere good. I'm leaving now, here's some change for my food. Don't bother calling me, okay?"
And with that she stormed out of the diner, leaving me utterly flabbergasted.

Hobbes said...

Thanks for the Botts reference. I will keep an eye out for them.

weirsdo said...

I think the reason I can't come up with anything about this photo is that the girl strongly resembles my friend J., who married the music teacher right out of school, and only later found out he was gay.

DBA Lehane said...

I stumbled across you at Red Bubble, and that led me here. Great idea for a blog! We both share a blog love for flash fiction! The found photos is a nice usp! Have linked to you from my short short fiction blog. Will be back to check on a regular basis!

Indeterminacy said...

I have a lot of comments to answer here, and some stories to write, too.

THanks everyone for contributing - I will answer all these comments individually.

DBA Lehane: Thank you for your kind comment and the link. If I had seen your site first, I would have been the first to link. It's a little similar what we are doing, and I admire the ease in which you seem to weave your stories out of a chance inspiration.

The Clown said...

how're you doing Indie? The wordpress blog you stumbled onto was mine. I hope ypu didn't forget The Clown.


John Sheirer said...

When he told the lovely stranger how much he admired her tongue piercing, she replied, "I've got seven more. How many do you want to see?"

Hobbes said...

We look forward to your return.

Princess Haiku said...

This is a lovely mantra upon which to start the new year. Hope all is well with you and your family, Indy. I have been offline for several days as I am recuperating from an illness. Take care

GPV said...

hello Indie,
Glad you're back, I thought you were stopping writing stories(I've not been on the web for a long period).
Anyway, even though it's late let me wish you a good year 2008 and lots of inspiration the whole year through.GPV.
P.S. Damn it,now I have to write eczsk to post my comment

Lily Strange said...

Miss you--hope you're all right.

Indeterminacy said...

I just finished the first draft of a very creepy story, so creepy I'm wondering if I should really post it. A few days should tell...

Anonymous said...

Do it! I'll never forgive you if you don't. Creepy is good. cheers, SRS

master mistery said...

sorry I didn't mean to be anonymous. It's master mistery here, Steve S. to be precise. I'm waiting for your creepy story with much anticipation. Don't disappoint me now.

Hobbes said...

Yes please.

Indeterminacy said...

Ok, folks, this photo is one I had permission to use, so I want to show the girl the story first, if she's ok with it. If she isn't I'll use the story later for another photo.

Happy LOL Day said...

Creepy and gorgeous.

In response to your comment elsewhere (and thank you for that :)) I wanted to say that you sir have been through so much that if you "retired from the blogging arena" it would be more than understandable.. that you choose to stay and contribute is a gift to me/us. Thank you :)

weirsdo said...

You're right; Pansi is horrified, but I think you should enter this in Lily's Valentine's story contest.

Indeterminacy said...

Everyone: I read the stories today and was really excitied by such a great round. Nearly everyone has noticed how overwhelmingly beautiful this girl is ans somehow worked it into the story. It seldom has worked out this way that one element has been so well represented. Now to answer all your comments..........

Ariel: Thanks for the New Year's grettings. Happy Valentine's Day!

Doug: I felt free flying and devious while I wrote my story.

Kevin: Oh dear - what does your story say about Frannie's intellect?

Cooper: Not as amazing as you. Certainly not as awe-inspiring.

Cheesemeister: Your story was the kind I like - a perfect circle. I read it a few times just so I could enjoy it more than once.

Grocer: I found your story quite imaginative. I never heard of speed dating before and can imagine that you just mad it up.

Mavin: Happy belated birthday again (But I think I said that already somewhere :-) Yes, and really she stands out among all the different photos I've found.

Deli: I've missed out on all my reunions, sadly. I think at my age most people would prefer to be remembered as they were. Not like in this story. ;-)

OE: I know just what you mean - this photo, this girl is so compelling.

Colored Clouds: Nice three sentence story - and I think a well-seen nuance of this powerful photo. Thanks also for your compliments - I don't know what I'm doing, but you make me feel like I'm doing something right. My brain is actually very disorganized and a mess, speaking subjectively.

Sandy: Yes, any year that the girl in black announces promises to be a good year indeed.

Mush: I'm in line.

Master Mistery: I've just added a link. Wish I would have seen this earlier. Your new blog looks great. Seems like everywhere you look there's something to click - it's a little like Alice in Wonderland somehow. I'm adding a link.

Mutha: Happy Valentine's Day. Glad you stopped by. I wonder what Suzy has seen ;-)

Mrs Weirsdo: I hope you got to watch the Svankmajer films somehow. They are all over youtube. It's sad what happened to your friend J.

Irene: You are uncanny in your guesses. She is all those things, really, and also from the East (Europe). I guess you were taken by her looks too.

Yumen: I like the surrealistic undertone of your piece, and the ending completely natural.

Hobbes: You're welcome.

Clown: No, I haven't forgotten you!

John: Wow to that! Your one sentence story is amazing! I can just hear her saying that.

Princess Haiku: I hope all is well now.

GPV: I'm not stopping - it was rough last year but it's as good as forgotten now. I'm glad you stopped by, because I was thinking about you in the last days, and wondering what you were up to - telling myself I had to stop by.

Lily: Don't worry.

Happy LOL Day (Cmerry): Your comment was like a warm hug. Thank you very much.

Mrs Weirsdo again: I'll look at that contest.

William Wren said...

well done on this story

Indeterminacy said...

Thank you very much!

Banno said...

Indie, what an eerie story. Was really scared.

Indeterminacy said...

Banno, I did not mean to scare you. Come here. Let me hug you...