Saturday, July 28, 2007

Interlude - Thoughtfulness - Great Blogs

I've finally posted story #406 (post below this one).

Seich has honored me with the Thoughtful Blogger award. I'll work out a post for that in the next days. So stay tuned...

A couple of weeks ago I went through all my comments, and searched in technorati for all the new links, and compiled a list of blogs which I want to stop by and get to know and to incorporate into my links. I wonder how, though, as there are more then 150 urls in that list. But over the last weeks I've noted a few of them, and wanted to mention a few here:

1) My Pseudobackpack
"One Blog. Five Restless Souls. Countless Adventures"

This is a blog by five lovely ladies who just finished grad school and are now traveling the world independently of each other, but using the blog as their meeting point to share with each other and with us. They hope to reunite in some remote island paradise in one year's time, but I am hoping I can convince them to do it Hamburg instead. The concept of the blog grabbed me right away - I think it's turning out very nice.

2) Half Dentist
"Stan Johns' Fictional Blog"

It's a fictional blog about a fictional UK dentist called Stan Johns - probably the name is made up too. The blog follows the adventures of Stan himself, Bessy (his dog), Cookie (his nurse), his friend Felix, his 60ish receptionist George, and the wife Margaret. What the writing lacks in non-fiction it makes up in wit, humor and hilarity. Maybe this is the ghost of Jerome K. Jerome blogging?

3) Madeleine in the Shade

This site has some incredible writing, a style that is intricate, intelligent and compelling. You will find prose and poetry, cultural reviews and some photography - a creative scrapbook. Madeline herself is very mysterious - she has not written much about herself, except that she is in Prague (for the moment) and is a teacher/screenwriter. I suspect she may be a professor of film and have written classic film that we've all seen. Her review of the Czech film "Sedmikrásky" especially impressed me - it went beyond anything I'd ever read about the film (one of my favorites).

4) Lorena's Blogbilingue
"Two languages, two cultures, the door opens. Dos idiomas, dos culturas, la puerta se abre"

This fantastic site features bilingual posts (English and Spanish), short stories with a wonderful fairy-tale like quality about them, poetry, observations, and occasional photography. I haven't explored everything yet but her story about the moon A Story / Un Cuento and her post Faces in the Stones are good starting points.

5) Things Look Like Things
"Blogs and photos as fable, fairytale, fiction and fact."

What can I say about this site except that I'm waiting for God to start commenting here.


Banno said...

What a treasure of links. Thank you. Look forward to the other long list of URLs.

Sandy said...

thanks indie for giving such beautiful links to explore

C Merry said...

The childhood taunt comes to mind.. "takes one to know one!" thank you for more wonderful places to explore and its an honor being in your thoughts :)

Unknown said...

We start blogging in a cloud of hope and continue in a hail of guilt?

Anonymous said...

Discovering places like these makes the whole blogging experience worth the while.

KHM said...

"That is, in the outside world it moves fast, and in my world, it moves slow, no matter how fast I move. So I somehow fall behind."

You've described my dilemma so succinctly! This may, in fact, what has led you away from the US; its positively un-American to not be rushing and competing and accomplishing. I rarely even achieve the rate that is called "leisurely".

You have earned all of the new links, Indie. And you know I've also scoured your blogrolls for even more inspiration. I do love the use of technology for sharing of've done that so well.

bloodmother said...

Yours is my favorite site. Even if I'm not struck with enuf spark to post a story, I'm checking out the picture and giving it some thought. The links, like all those on the right, are great!

Noni said...

I can not see my blog in the list...
Come out come out wherever you are :)

Hobbes said...

Congrats on your Thoughtful Blogger award. I enjoyed a visit to Seiche's, although it was a bit disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to look through your linkage. Time does get away doesn't it?xawgjgc

Stan Johns said...

Hello again from now-sunny England. Bessy did a little dash up the TV aerial and Margaret whistled a tune about fairies, when I told them you'd mentioned us in your blog.

As for George - he tells me there are too many people in the world willing to forgive my poor behaviour, but he smiled nonetheless when I said he was on another blogger's site.

Cookie consulted the yew tree and the souls of those chatting beneath it and said she'd call in on you sometime - probably when you least expect it.

Thanks again for your support and for your continued inspiration.

All the best,


ming said...

you always pick out great stuff! thanks for sharing..

Indeterminacy said...

Hey! I finished story 406 at last and will post it tonight, and answer all the great story comments, so stay tuned.

Banno: I'm going to have to do a lot of these lists. But also, there are more great blogs than anyone can read. I spent several more hours setting the urls up in my google reader, so at least I'll have an overview. It's a full time task, reading the Internet.

Sandy (Sandeep): You're welcome.

Happy LOL Day: Your welcome and thanks for the warm sentiment.

Doug: That's probably my Jewish-mother part of me, making me feel guilty all the time.

San: I could have listed so many more here. I'll definitely do this again.

Kathy: Wow! What an incredible insight. That's one of the things I tell everyone I don't miss - this 24 hour a day life. The idea that you halways have to do something. It's not a smart way to live. What is the sense of burning yourself out as opposed to doing the right thing at the right time.

Thanks also for the compliment. I hope no one is losing interest because of my slooooooooow posting.

Sandra: Thank you Sandra - it means a lot to me to hear such nice words from such creative people such as yourself.

Noni: I fell in love with you so I placed a link to you in my "Addicted to These Women" section! Wish I could understand Turkish.

Dr. Stan Johns, DDS: Thanks for the kind words. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine. I bet Bessy would get along swell with Icy.

Ming: Your welcome and thank you!

va*les*ka said...

I found your more than kind comments on my blog and appreciate them very much. Sometimes I loose sight of why I even bother but happy surprises like yours make it all worth it.
I'm intrigued as to the frosting recipe. Please share.

Don't worry too much about missing the candies -- they're not all that tasty and definitely not good for you -- they just look pretty.

You are an inspiration!

Acquaintance said...

Hey Indie thanks for the comment, nice story btw, interesting, it's short unlike mine lol but I like writing and you're one hell of a writer I love to write to. I've learned a lot from your writing when I have time to go back into your older posts. I thank Colored Clouds so much for introducing me to you, as well as blogger, back in November when she lived here in San Antonio, she used to live right up the street from my house then she had to move away which sucked but she had no choice. :( However she's one hell of a writer herself, I never knew til I was able to know her.

But about posting, it's been hard recently to blog, I suppose since I'm trying to get a job and that alone makes it hard to be able to post and respond back as much as I would like to, plus when you get home from the hecktic life of the city all you want to do is sleep and rest. And when life starts to become more active it's harder to do anything because you don't have any free time on your hands. But anyways this is funny, also another reason I haven't been able to post is because I'm always at other people's blogs more than mine, I've discovered soo many blogs recently that I can't get enough. But despite blogs distracting me it's also just life in general but as I like to say, "You can't have a blog without a life." Otherwise there's no new experiences to give you something to write about and you just kind of, idk, get stale and old, I'm just an outdoors person and this is just what I've realized about myself, it doesn't always apply to everyone nor should it.

Alright that's enough about me, didn't mean to give you such a long comment back, I was just going to tell you thank you and come back by in a little while, I just didn't realize how much I wrote til I looked back. Oh well you'll enjoy it. :P

Later and take care, Mave. :)

PS - I'm waiting to write a story for your next new found photo.

Indeterminacy said...

Hey Mave, I really identified with what you wrote about having so little time to blog - I'm trying to solve the problem of how to do everything at once. It doesn't get easier having a family! But somehow I managed to post all my comments last night. I felt honored that you took so much time to write such a long story.

Lorena's Blogbilingüe said...


Wow, what an honor! Thank you so much for listing my blog. I was a bit out of touch the last few days due to working on a music CD in Mexico and other errands. Am back home now and can't wait to check out the other blogs you mentioned.

Mil gracias!!!


Cie Cheesemeister said...

Neat photos and they do look like interesting blogs...I just can't even look because I'll become immersed, and I can't add anything else to my cluttered brain right now! I'm working on my second book...but at this very, very minute, my head has imploded.

Anonymous said...

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