Friday, July 13, 2007

Carrie and Carl played volleyball at the lake, bopping the ball back and forth. The sun wanted to play too so in a twinkling of an instant blew a diversionary cloud of dust. The couple blinked, not noticing the momentary flash as the sun switched places with the ball. They continued their ritual of fun, slapping the solar disk form hand to hand until it was time for the sun to go down and the two to go home. They stopped, smiling at the incognito sphere, holding it between them.

"How did you know?" the sun asked.

"The tan," Carl answered.

"Yeah," Carrie continued, "our palms have a nice brown tan after playing with you."

"So what happens now?" the sun asked.

"We put you back," Carrie stated matter-of-factly.

"I'm afraid we'll have to," Carl went on, "we have plans tonight, and it rather involved it being dark."

So Carrie and Carl placed the glowing orb back onto the horizon. The night was one they never forgot. The horizon they'd chosen was the one in the East.

Story #404

Thanks for all the stories! I've finally commented them!

I'm off the front page of now so traffic has dropped down a bit. It's been a very rewarding time for me, as I've met so many new and interesting bloggers - which in itself has been a great source of inspiration to me. Most of all, so many of you have shared your creativity in producing these fantastic mosaics around the photos I've posted. I hope that you will all keep coming back, in spite of my strange stories. German untranslateables of the day: schräg and skurril.

Let's play another round of Russian roulette with some of the bloggers, artists and musicians I like. Take your click:

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ming said...

behold! i hold the sun in my hands... you take it dear, it's starting to get hot!

Animal451 said...

So, you really think the warmth of the setting sun is going to melt the superglue on our fingers?
You used to use any excuse to watch a sunset with me.
Why are we facing the wrong way, then?

My word verification today was 'geiqg'. Is this another of your German untranslateables?

akRunner said...

As they started their life together the sun was beginning to set. The photographer coordinated the shot, and it remains by the bedside propped against a vase of longstemed coral roses.

~greg said...

Not sure how you stumbled on my blog, but thanks for the visits and link. I'll try to return the favor.

Cirrus Spray said...

"I'm tired, pleease let me go!"

"We want to save some daylight sonny, you better oblige."

Sandy said...

Illusion. Far away in a never ending horizon. it seems i can have a handful of sun. The world is small. It all depends on how you look.

Sandeep Sandy's Fantasy

Kolkhoz said...

‘Don’t run too far,’ she said.

I broke free from her hand and ran through the surf, up the beach and into the sand dunes, her voice falling away behind me until it was lost amongst the call of the gulls.

Finally I stopped. The air was colder here and the sky heavier on my shoulders. Sand flies buzzed around the coarse, serrated grasses.

Feeling tired, I retraced my steps, cresting the dune and looking down the darkening stretch of beach for her familiar figure. I could not see her. I could not see anyone. Disquieted, I made my way back to the sea, looking for any sign of life.

Ghosts shimmered in the distance. It was a group of people staring at something rolling in the surf. I jogged towards them, suddenly fearful. Drawing closer, I could see that the crowd were standing around a body; a drowned man with seaweed in his hair; his dead eyes like pearls.

I reached the group and tried to push through, needing to see the face of the corpse. A hand fell on my shoulder and pulled me away.

‘I told you not to run too far,’ she said.

Her touch was cold, her voice filled with dust.

Unknown said...

Newsitem: Born with a rare condition, corporeal contraversion, that caused her arms to grow in the middle and her divided body on the outside, Juliet finds questions of substance threatening.

Unknown said...

Oh, und danke für die andere Websiten aber Ich kann nicht auf Deutsch abzählen. Wass zu tun?

April's Place said...

Just as the sun was setting, and they finished their cooling swim as evening drew near, they couldn't help but notice just how beautiful this particular sunset was. There was something special about it, they couldn't quite grasp. But they decided they would try and capture it this one time for all time. So as it went down behind the horizon, they clasped hands and felt the suns warmth as is slowly disappeared behind the horizon. Although the sun may have set that evening, they had held it in their hands for a lifetime.

ケリー氏 said...

Thanks for the link ;-)
what a beautiful picture.

Anonymous said...

German is such a turn on.

Hobbes said...

"You can come in," she said. But first, let me show you something."
Michelangelo was open-mouthed.
"A woman? On a beach? But the Bible said--Wait a minute. That means you must be . . . "
She smiled and nodded. "I love your work. But you had it all wrong, you know."
He bowed his head. "I'm sorry, Lord. Is Lord all right?"
She smiled again, mysteriously. "I have many names." She opened the great, pearl-encrusted gates, done up in Renaissance style for the occasion. "And now, enter. You were right about the angels."

Lorena's Blogbilingüe said...

Namaste. The light that is within me honors the light that is within you and we are both connected to the bigger light that is the sun that fills us with gratitude. Namaste.

Luca Makyl said...

as the sun was setting on the last evening of their caribbean honeymoon, johnny had a brilliant idea.

"susie, let's have this sweet innocent caribbean boy take our picture so that we'll have a romantic photo to send out with our thank you cards."

"oh johnny, you are so wonderful, thoughtful, and amazing...that's a brilliant idea."

they passed the camera to the innocent bystander who suggested this romantic pose.

he snapped the picture and realizing his corny photograph's money making potential, ran off with the camera.

susie and johnny never were able to recover their camera, but their honeymoon pictures have been posted all over the web ever since.

Steve Will said...

So there we were, practicing for the World Championship Team Shadow Puppet competition in the perfect light of the setting sun, and someone offers to take pictures of our work. "Sure," we said.

And then he stands right in front of the screen! And shoots the picture of our hands!

"The shadows, man! Shoot the shadows!"

No on understands true art.

Anonymous said...

The sun set and he checked his watch. "I only have a minute," he stated.

"Quick! We must get a picture as not to forget!" she cried. He obligingly flung his camera at the nearest person. "Take our picture!" she yelled, and they posed in front of the sunset. He did not remember he had left the camera on full zoom.

"I must leave now, but we will meet again, we must!" he said, taking the camera and leaving. It was only at home he discovered the tragedy his laziness in not turning off the full zoom had brought about. He didn't even have her picture now.

(Not great, I know. Will try harder next time. At first glance I thought the hand on the left was a foot from the way it's being held.)

Papillon said...

Hi Indie,

Alas, I don't have the time or creative energy right now to add to the great stuff here, but I just wanted to assure you I'll keep visiting, despite your removal from the "Blogs of Note" list. You (and your readers) truly inspire!

BTW, I'm trying these days to gather bloggers lke myself: raw-voiced, relative newbies who tend to draw on their own experiences. Do you know where I might find such people? I've found a few in your Comments sections, but the cool sites featured in the links list (under your profile) aren't exactly what I'm talking about. They already have a readership.

I just think the greenlings among us could all benefit from some mutual encouragement.

The OE said...

ET phone Tahiti

Frances bo bancess said...

"take it" she whispered, holding out her heart in a cupped hand. he lifted his hand to receive, but then hesitated. was he truly ready for such responsibility? she noticed the paused and let it go with a sigh, allowing the sun to set on their once passionate romance.

Diane Dehler said...

Hi Indy,
This is a great photo! I am getting back to blogging after being gone for a while. Wanted to congratulate you again on being a noted blog. That really rocks! :)

Sherry said...

Thank you for visiting my sites, happy to have you there. Let me know if you're ever in need of more pictures! This one looks like they're passing an atomic lightning bug. "Wow! I dare you to smear this one on your cheek."

Jamie Dawn said...

Hola, Indie!

Congrats on being on Blogs of Note!!!

What a great photo this is. It looks to me like the female holds the sun in her hands. If the male doesn't stay close to her, he will most surely freeze to death.
The moral of the photo is this:
Men need women.

About your comment at my blog, I too am miffed that hitonious did not make it into the dictionary this year.
How could such a superb word be overlooked?
I wrote a post about it, and just posted it this evening. I will have to push harder and wage a vigorous campaign on behalf of my beloved word.

Hip, Hip Hitonious!!!!
Hitonious Rules!!

May your life be NON-hitonious in every way. :-)

Anonymous said...

In the golden sun
Touching hands, smiling fingers
Reflections waver

C Merry said...

As she felt her form beginning to crumble she rolled her spark of all knowledge to the new goddess who would rule.
"You'll do well, I know because I taught you."
As she crumbled to dust her spirit rose.
"I'll be watching."

Oh yes BON time over but we are still archived and the honor still tickles, I will always enjoy it- and I found you!

Acquaintance said...

Far off in the distance of space,

The sun climbed down a twilighted sky,

Leaving behind an orange place,

A beautiful sight for the eyes.

Her fingertips listlessly touched mine,

As she held the sun in her palm,

Viewing the rays fade over time,

While refreshing winds blew steady and calm.

The sun fell below in the west,

Extinct til dawn followed,

We held one another for some rest,

And awoke with the shine of tomorrow.

Hey Indie, hope the words in your head are coming along fine. Speaking of behind I haven't been here in a while. But you really think you're behind? I have to say, I guess so, I could hardly tell, you don't seem behind to me but I'm not here everyday so idk. The past nine post are great, some are pretty funny. :)

Later and take care.

Hobbes said...

Congratulations on being a noted blogger. I bet these people know they are onto a good thing now.

Anonymous said...

Le leo muy a menudo, espero que tenga muy buenas vacaciones y vuelva pronto con sus brillantes comentarios, que tanto me gustan aunque no los pueda comentar en ingles porque lo estoy aprendiendo y a�n no he alcanzado suficiente nivel. (escritor)

Anonymous said...

The beauty in the palm of our hands...

DW2 said...

"All right, you can borrow it for a while," she said as she laid it gently in his hand. "But PLEASE don't misplace it this time. I don't know where you would build another pyramid to get back!"

Sandy said...

In the end it doesnt even matter.

Sandy's Fantasy

Indeterminacy said...

Ming: Funny! Your story made me laugh, and it made perfect sense.

Animal451: Sounds like superglue may be better than sun tan lotion! "Gieqg" could be a German variation for geek. ;-)

Beti: So the sun will never set for them - and the roses will be happy too. Sweet!

~greg: I'm not sure how I found your blog either - I think in technorati, searching for some film. You have a great resource of reviews. The ones I've read all added a new perspective, on top of all the standard opinions I've seen. Nice of you to offer a link in return. Thank you.

Cirrus Spray: Good point. No one ever asked the sun what it thought of daylight savings time.

Sandy: Nicely poetic, you five sentence short story. That should also be a genre. By the way, I don't think I thanked you yet for the link! I'm going to take some more time to update my sidebar, and will add you too.

Kolkhoz: That was incredible, and the end really got me. For my money you did a great job creating the mood of the beach. Well done and thanks for making such an extensive contribution!

Doug: This is why I never read the stories until after writing mine. I would have given up after reading yours. Sorry about the German links. Just close your eyes and use the Force (die Macht!).

April: Awww. That was so nice - nicely romantic. I want to do that with a girl!

Mayuk: Thank you for stopping by! You are a great juge of what's artistic - glad you confirm my choice of pictures.

Cooper: Ein wenig Gift ab und zu - da macht angenehme Träume. Und viel Gift zuletzt, zu einem angenehmen Sterben. - Nietzsche. I'll learn more quotes if it turns you on ;-)

Hobbes: Happy end for Michelangelo. This heaven sounds really good. I want to go there, too.

Lorena: Sounds very Buddhistic. Thanks for teaching me a new word and thought.

Luca: You are so wicked! I love the wickedness of your story. It seems also, everytime I give my camera to someone to take a picture they first pretend to run off with it!

Steve Will: I think Mayuko will love this one (she does shadow art herself) - I loved it!

Talespin: Why not great? That was a fine story! That actually happens to me all the time. I want to take a quick picture, but the zoom is set, and I wind up with a useless closeup of an arm or something.

Papillon: Thanks for your comment - please never feel under pressure to have to contribute something - I'm the only one here who has to write anything (that's the responsibility of having a blog). I'm glad you'll continue to stop by. As for new bloggers, I think a lot of the newer links I have are from bloggers just starting out. They looked at the Blogs of Note list, and picked out a couple to add as their first links. So, maybe the thing to do is visit the latest blogs of note, and check the bloggers who commented on them. Or search for that url in, to find the new linking blogs. Another way to find blogs that no one knows about is the "next blog" link that google has. I sometimes click that just to see what happens. It's always a thrill finding a new blog and sensing all the promise of what's to come. For example, Luca Makyl's site. There are only a few posts, but each of them is wow!

OE: I've always wanted to go to the Cook Islands. What a great life you spies have.

Frances: If someone offers you their heart, take it quickly. The moment is really as fleeting as the setting sun. Poignant and beautiful story.

Princess Haiku: Thanks for the congratulations. One of my secret wishes was to become a blog of note somehow, but I'd long since given it up. And then it happened.

Shay: Atomic lightning bug! Wow. I miss the gentle aura of the lightning bugs we had on a summer's night in Ohio. I would have taken the dare.

Jamie: Thank you too for congratulating! I agree with your moral. You're the wisest lady I know. It is pure hitoniousity that that word hasn't yet been accepted.

Letters: Why didn't anyone think of wrtiting a Haiku yet? It's perfect for this photo!

Happy LOL Day: What a perfect story you wrote! You are a goddess of ideas, as far as I'm concerned. And I feel flattered that you stop by here.

Mavin: Thanks for the wonderful poem! It's exactly what the picture needed! Maybe I make my own pressure - I feel guilty that people might keep coming back looking for my post, my answers to the comments, or a new photo, and find everything standing still for several days. Probably I make my own pressure, too. When I began, it was easy to post daily stories - but my expectations for my stories keep rising and are harder to fulfill on a day to day basis. These past two weeks I got really lucky with my inspirations. I'll try to keep all this in perspective. If I forget, I'll just read your comment again.

Antonio: Don't feel bad about commenting in Spanish - I used Babelfish and if that doesn't work - I have Spanish speaking colleagues I can ask. I'm honored you take the time to stop by here.

Skeptic: A lovely sentiment! I think we do have the beauty in the palm of our hands, if we only notice it.

DW2: Wow! Your story somehow makes eternal time seem so insignificant - and adds new meaning to the pyramids.

Papillon said...

Hey Indie,

Thanks so much for the very helpful advice – I'll definitely follow up on that! And thanks for dropping by planetpapillon again.

You're awesome.

Indeterminacy said...

Papillon: Thank you for the compliment. Please keep me(us) posted on the new and interesting blogs you find.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

"Remember what it was like when the sun still shone yellow on the Earth?" Lisa asked Quint.
"I remember what it was like when the air was sometimes moist and the seas weren't all evaporating," he said.
"Do you ever wonder if eternal life may not have been such a wise plan after all?" she asked.
"It will be a moot point soon," he said.
They held hands and watched the gigantic red sun set over the drying sea, glad of the night and dreading another scorching day when it rose again.

Unknown said...

Indie, just when I think I've twisted things in a weird way, you top me.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm a fan of volleybal, so I'm a fan of your story. :-)

Frances bo bancess said...

would the night last forever if they put the sun down in the east? your story was fun, but i can't help but think of the catastrophic consequences that could spin off from such a romantic gesture.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!! Plenty of cool stuff!!!