Sunday, June 24, 2007

Grego had a dream: mad, daring, passionate love with fifteen ladies at once. He had a plan too: download the latest pre-release fileshared Brad Pitt film and present it to the ladies on his wide-screen plasma TV. The ladies were seated in his makeshift theater, breathless in anticipation. Their eager eyes seemed to press the screen flat onto the wall. As their gorgeous masculine heartthrob appeared, salivary glands performed marvels to please a Pavlov. One could sense the building of erotic tension. Grego saw. Then he switched in the subliminal soundtrack he'd recorded himself in his rather shy and squeaky voice to bombard the feminine psyches with indecent salaciousness. But contrary to Grego's expectations, the ladies dropped into an immediate and impenetrable slumber. Grego, it seems, was an incredible bore, even subliminally, but when the ladies awoke, they recalled with a creepy shudder that the movie had been about him.

Story #395

Thanks to all who contributed a story! I'll comment on them tonight when I'm home from work. The next photo will be posted in a few hours.

P.S. Here's a cool photo-story one of my blogging friends put together using a series of photos I took recently. (I mentioned this already, but those who haven't seen it - it's really funny.)


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C Merry said...

Some of the girls sprouted earlier and left the others behind to wake when the Sun hit them. The ones that sprouted with the Moon were always the first to leave. It made it look like some of the blue chairs had failed to create a girl but in fact, they had created something beyond the average..
Congratz on being a BON :)

Craft said...

I'll leave you with one other word for your word-hoard—the dual noun Xeperi.
Egyptian nouns can be singular (one cat), dual (two cats) or plural (too many cats). The noun Xeperi can best be translated by synchronicity; although the standard translation is miracle. The Egyptians knew the Sign of something Coming Into Being was the meaningful co-incidence. We know too—either bu Shu ("What were the odds of that happening?") or by Tefnut ("It sent shivers down my spine."). The noun Xeperi shows that manifestations are not continuous, but discrete—actions at a distance—or more simply, magic. Xeper has occurred when two discrete systems resonate with one another. Another form of Xeperi is that moment of communication of wordless magical information with one another. The most familiar form of this is through our interactions with the Aeon, and as before the more adept you are at Seeking and Shaping your own Xeper, the more you can positively interact with the Xeper of the Aeon, and help fulfill her purpose of exporting Xeper into the Objective Universe.

Don Webb

"I like a Girl in Uniform"
Last night just have some sort of epiphany reading this, which I downloaded hours before it. I was thinking bout me and my very mistical girlfriend. We always connect syncronically. I met her ttough some crossed CC mails. Then I read her stuff and loved her soul. I receive her sms when I'm reading her blog. I write an sms to her when she is dreaming about me(not necessarily a sweet dream). Well, today I pick your blog from Pinnochio Theory and I know his an elitist. I have wondering if I have to dare short and personal texts every day in my blog, which tends to be kind of compillatory instead.

Sandy said...

A group of Girl Scout leaders discovered a new brownie recipe. The new brownies were so delicious that they just had to eat more and more. After a night of baking, eating, giggling, and is that hot sex in the front row?, they all passed out from exhaustion. What exactly was in those brownies?

CoralPoetry said...


We had instructions to stay awake through the entire Steve Jobs presentation and some of us succumbed to sleep, naturally. Steve shouted Boom! Boom! A hundred times but there was not a flicker from the girls in the land of nod. But if you look very carefully, there’s one girl in the back row, an insomniac, feigning interest in what is going on but she can’t hear the lecture very well because she has her ipod buds in her ears and she is playing Eminem at full blast and singing along as well.

I hope you all enjoyed my story.


Anonymous said...

Feel free to check out my own collection of stories and articles. Happy readings.

JimmyZ said...

It was Sunday. And like all Sundays, I started my morning off with a little coffee. On the second day of the weekend, it's usually left over coffee. My wife doens't drink coffee, and so I only make pots of 4-cups each Saturday. Still, I don't drink more than a cup or two a day myself, so I conserve the second 2 cups by warming them up in the microwave.

The thing about drinking coffee, is that it makes one regular. Soon after my first cup I found myself making a trip to the master bathroom. There is a lot of thinking that occurs in that room. Why? I can't say, but I do know there is a long tradition in my family of utilizing that time wisely, and not just when the urge hits. Deep thinking frequently occurs while taking showers, or brushing ones teeth. Thankfully I have, over time and initimate conversations, discovered that my family is not the only member of this lavare mentis culture.

As I sat, I thought about the words I had written the night prior, only to have accidently erased them. Fortunately, I had taken mental milestones while writing. It's easy to do that when you spend time reading each sentence, over and over again. Each time a new thought is completed, I re-read the entirety of what I have written. Like a sculptor who touches the same areas, over and over as he blends the individual pieces together into a fugue, I impress the fundamental points into my memory.

I had been typing into my PDA. I was trying an experiment. Since I always have my PDA with me, I thought, I might as well use it to keep my thoughts. So, I had set to writing about nothing in particular. What would I write about? "Reality is formed by several factors", I began. By time I was finished, I had written several paragraphs that succintly described self-esteem as a major factor in determining reality. It was great writing, if I can say that. However, I learned a very valuable lesson with this while performing this experiment. When I was finished there were two buttons that I could select from the menu; OK or Done. I chose Done. And with that, the entire piece was lost. Only the mental milestones were left behind, from which I could piece together the original stream of thought that had inspired what was now gone forever.

I sat in the bathroom, releasing yesterday's daily bread, and this concern along with it.
"At least I have the notes", I thought.

I emerged into the living room to find my wife and son relaxing on the microfiber sofa, and taking in an educational documentary.

"What's on?", I asked.
Expecting my question, Jerrilyn began her answer before I could finish the question, "We're watching Decoding the Past".
"Oh? Really? What's it about?" I queried further.
"The end of times..."

I stood there for a few minutes before I realized that this was a more recent documentary. I can't stand old documentaries on the end of days. They just seem so, I don't know, obsolete, and thus do not hold my interest very long. Even still, there are too many new ones which take a specific focus and leave out so much on the subject, that they are mere derivatives of previous specials on the same topic. My subconscious mind decided to chew on two pieces of dry ideas for a moment; End of days, and recent information.

Just then they mentioned the 2012 date. I expected it to be linked with the Myan calendar, however they were linking it to all sorts of different traditions, including more recent ones like the "Web-Bot" project. Suddenly I ran to the bathroom as I searched for a book I had purchased not too long ago. There it was, in it's green hard back cover, sitting on the back of the toilet, at the top of a pile of well-read books: The Return of Quetzalcoatyl, 2012. I grabbed it and ran back into living room.

"Pause that a second...", I said, as I held the book cover out so that Galen could see. I read aloud "The Return of Quetzalcoatl, 2012"
"There he is!", my wife shouted.
"Huh?" I asked as I looked at the TV. Right there in front of me, the shows producers were interviewing the author of the book I held in my hand, Daniel Pinchbeck.

My son broke in, "That's cool! I can't believe he's on TV at the same time you brought out that book. Quetzalcoatl is the winged serpent! I learned about that in Age of Mythology!"
"God I love those educational video games", I mused.

I sat and watched the film a bit more, and then decided to have yet another cup of coffee, which would of course be followed by yet another trip to the bathroom. This time, though, I decided to read some of the book I had just knocked the dust off of. As I read, the author was talking about synchronicities, and what many different thinkers have had to say about them.

I have some theories on the subject of synchronicities that I had postulated a few years earlier. Mainly in regards to a treatise I wrote about traveling from one dimension to a so-called parallel dimension. I found that during the trip there were two major points at which synchronicities abound, and thus are harbingers of one's progress. First, on the exit of the first dimension's atmosphere, a person begins to notice synchronistic loss. Many "bad" things happen to the person, which often leaves them with a feeling of "Whe me God?". Then there is the void. If the person survives the void, they will begin entry into the atmosphere of the new dimension, and thus experience synchronistic gains. Love or Luck, or both, will be lurking behind every corner, just waiting to be uncovered. As the person settles into their new life, the synchronicities also settle down or at least become more commonplace.

When I read about other theories on synchronicity I always keep this in mind, looking for clues to help my theory, or perhaps flaws in someone elses. I was surprised to find out, while I read, that Carl Jung had stated that Synchronicities always occured in his patients as they were going through great periods of transition.

"Wow!", I thought, "Jung had the same idea. I wonder if he ever linked it to parallel universes..."

I finished up my business in the bathroom, and thought that I should go capture the thoughts from the previous night before too much time passed. As I sat down at my computer, I thought about which way would be best to capture these ideas on Reality. Should I use Word? Perhaps Notepad... No! I'll use a blog to capture this, that way I can also capture the time frame in which these things came to me.

I opened up Internet Explorer and typed in

The first thing my eyes landed on was the phrase "Blogs of Note: The Synchronicity of Indeterminacy"

"You've got to be kidding me!", I exclaimed. I got goose bumps as I thought of how I was experiencing synchronicities about synchronicity! How Paradoxical!

Debby Kwiecien said...

complete and uncompromised held within each of the young women. And, then there are two who dream to the beat of their own drums... who lean into their own dreams unfettered by the dreams of those who surround them and then there's the one. The one who chooses not to dream, but to experience life in all it's own reality, who by taking the back seat can truly see the dreams of those who surround her and can thereby open herself up to all the world's possibilities.

April's Place said...

First thing that comes to mind:
An airport and a group of exhausted gals, sleeping after they've been told their 11pm flight is cancelled and they won't be getting out of the airport until the next morning, probably the Chicago O'hare aiport to be exact, on a layover after a 10 hour flight ;-) An airport that is notorious for delays.... and They are extra exhausted since they are just returning from a trip, a safari to Africa to be exact, based upon the brown 'uniforms' they've all decided to wear. They've just returned from a women's training on "How to survive on the African Savanna". After 3 weeks of living on the Savanna and venturing into the African forests, they can barely keep their eyes open as they sit in the airport terminal, waiting for that early morning flight.

Thanks for the comment on my thunderstorm story.

Anonymous said...

It was just another day in the lecture hall. I looked out the window, and noticed the breeze coming through it. Had there been a breeze before? The air blowing in seemed slightly smoky, and hazy, barely visible. It rose in curls and wisps before disappearing like steam. I sniffed, what an incredible smell... like flowers, and incense, and a faint whiff of chemicals, and... I was tired, so tired... I collapsed on the empty seat next to me, the world dissolving away like hot water melts an ice cube. I awoke with a headache, shook my head to clear my eyes, and noticed that I was no longer in the lecture hall...

The Duncan said...

Some of the experiments with all female army squads were failures. These groups were gathered into training rooms, under the pretense of attending a lecture. They were gassed to sleep and prepared for stasis until a use for them could be determined.

YouthPlay Staff said...

One minute story on the photo with the skater:
And far as the eye of God could see
Darkness covered everything,
Blacker than a hundred midnights
Down in a cypress swamp.

Then God smiled,
And the light broke,
And the darkness rolled up on one side,
And the light stood shining on the other,
And God said, "That's a good skater!"

As I read your story, I thought it had a James Weldon Johnson ring to it. So it must have been pretty good. Keep up the good work! Challenge the minds of your young folks at,

Anonymous said...

Sleeping beauties

They all ate the poisoned apple that the witch gave them and fell asleep. Now they wait for prince charming to come and wake them up..

Cie Cheesemeister said...

The movie was the Unsung Songs of Chamber Orchestra X. There was a reason the songs were unsung and there was also a reason the movie went straight to video. But the director, Dirty Dan, was not displeased. He made billions of Quatloos for finding the best cure for insomnia ever.

Indeterminacy said...

Thanks for all the contributions up to now! I'm working on my story - trying to get it polished. After I've finished I'll read through and comment all of these.

Indeterminacy said...

Happy LOL Day: Wow! Can we trade imaginations for a while? I love what you wrote! P.S. Everyone: Do check out It's beyond fantastic.

Rick Terror: Thanks for the interesting conceptual history of synchronicity. In my own life I've experienced synchronicity that is truly on the level of miracles. I've usually not written much about my personal life, at least not online, because I'm not really that interesting. It's lovely that you and your girlfriend relate on the spiritual level you describe.

Sandy: What a yummy story! I love stories that raise a question but don't answer it. I've got to get my hands on that recipe!

CoralPoetry: I found your story to be thoroughly delightful - and the ending made me laugh, which says a lot, because I'm usually pretty stoic.

Hypnosis: Thanks for stopping by again. I visited your site this afternoon and I don't think it was the last time.

JimmyZ: Thank you for that incredible exposition about synchronicity. I was going to suggest you repost it in a proper post - but I see you already have! So thank you for sharing. I'm always amazed at the spontaneity and meaningfulness of events occurring around us. It's part of the poetry of life. I'm happy my blog title has finally justified itself.

Troubled: That was a wonderful story in perfect harmony with the picture. I sometimes conveniently ignore details I don't know what to write about. But i'm always pleased if I account for everything in the photo, which I didn't do now

April's Place: Thanks very much for your impressions. It's fascinating to me how one photo can give so many different associations.

Talespin: Eerie story! I wonder where the girls are now?

The Duncan: What a wicked sense of humor you have! I love it! Incidentally, I believe it really is a female army squad.

A.R. Linder: Thank you for the lovely poetic impression. I like how fantasy and skating come together in this. I'm going to repost it as a comment to the picture.

Netpiler: If there's a genre for the two sentence short story, you've mastered it!

Cheesemeister: And you are still the meister as far as I'm concerned. Love the phrase "Unsong Songs".

Anonymous said...

ha, those were great.

B.R. said...

This is a really cool post and I quite enjoyed the picture. Thx.