Friday, June 08, 2007

News Flash Interlude

My best friend Vince, whom you may recall from my "Here's How, Sniff" story has just released a new single entitled "Working A Lot." I'm very happy for him, as this is his first release under his own name. Vince has otherwise received quite a lot of recognition as lead guitarist for the iconic avant garde musician Gary Wilson. I met Vince back in 1984, as the department I worked in moved a few desks down the aisle. Vince took over my old desk, and I found myself going back to pick up my messages - but those conversations got longer and longer as we talked about all the music we had in common, such as The Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart and other classics I was just discovering. We quickly became friends, and I'm very glad we kept in touch. There are so many great memories hanging out with Vince, for example, the story behind the above photo.

So do check out Vince's new single, with the tracks "Working A Lot" and "Driving Into New York" - you can listen to samples at Vince's myspace page. You'll find the single at the Itunes site (if you have the Itunes software installed) or at P.S. The tunes are cool and funky!

Other news: Tom & Icy have posted a really funny photo story using a set of photos I took recently.

Last and least: I'll post a photo on Sunday for you all to play with next week - I will be gone then until Friday, somewhere in the wilds of Barcelona.


Unknown said...

Neat and good for Vince. What does his song say when you play it backwards?

Indeterminacy said...

I don't know Doug. I don't play songs backwards anymore, not since the incident with Throbbing Gristle. I played this song backwards which quite obviously had a backwards track masked onto it. It was a horrible, extremely graphic story that shocked even open-minded me. I couldn't look at raw hamburger for a month, because it reminded me of gristle.

Acquaintance said...

That's nice that y'all stay in touch, Vince used drum machines for those songs, it sounded pretty good I liked it. I had to miss The Police at Bonnaroo in Tennessee this summer so I was a little depressed but, it's no big deal because I get to see Bob Dylan at ACL (Austin City Limits) in September and that's what I'm really counting on.

Btw that story wasn't too bad, it still had its moments. I believe your next story will better.

PS- come by my blog I need help for a decision of either musical instruments or technology. It's a hard decision when you have limited funds.

Anonymous said...

Excellently. I will return and check it out later, I'm heading out to see a cou0ple of independent films down in DC.

Dwacon said...

I was in Europe in the 80's... but moved around a lot since then. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, only been to Europe once.