Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Late at night when the weary sleep off the day's exhaustion the Nutella nymph flits from house to house searching kitchens and pantries for the tasty glass of ebony creme that makes life sweet. Unseen. Unsuspected. A slight lick and a taste she gives to bless each jar, then moves on to the next house. But as the night wanes her day begins, enveloping her in mundanities. It is the joy of the night and the blessings she dispenses that help her forget that day job, profane in its demands. But what can she do? Man must also live by bread. She must work, and the only place that gave her a job was the peanut butter factory.

Story #328


Tom & Icy said...

Makes me want something sweet! But it's raining too hard to go to the store!

The Mushroom said...

"I bet I can make you need to change your pants," Natasha said to the guy in the cafeteria that always tormented her at lunch.
"What you gonna do, throw milk on me?" he laughed, preparing to defend himself against flying fluid.
"No, dorkwad," she said with a smile, "watch this."
Natasha picked up the jar of Nutella off the sandwich bar and slowly stuck her finger in, retracted it, and removed it from her finger in a manner she had no right to know anything about at the age of 14. She rolled her eyes and licked her lips as her finger went delving into the jar again, and her hips wriggled gently as she repeated the finger-cleaning ritual.
She looked him in the eye, or rather the dropped jaw, and then her eyes skated down to his groin... and said "I win. Isn't puberty a bitch?"
He never tormented her again, but soon after he asked for her phone number and said he'd buy bread.

LiVEwiRe said...

Had I known 'Nutella Nymph' was an actual career path, I'd have rethought my own! =)

Indeterminacy said...

Tom & Icy: I though of calling her the Nutella Fairy or Faery. If you find her you can wish for something.

Mushroom: I am shocked at the associations you had at this photo. Tell me more.

Livewire: Strangely enough, I prefer peanut butter. I can't bear the thought of spreading chocolate on bread.

admin said...

Nutella Nymph? :)) I LOVE NUTELLA

Nutella is eatten solo, just as peanut butter (no bread needed).

Indeterminacy said...

Viruswitch: For you I'd eat Nutella.

Jamie Dawn said...

I have never purchased Nutella, but I've been tempted to on several occasions. I had some at my parents' house. That stuff is divine! I'm currently on a diet and doing well to shed my goal of 20 pounds. This story did not help me in my quest to reach that goal. I better skip grocery shopping today, or I may succumb to temptation.

admin said...

Do I really deserve that? ;)

I discovered peanut butter in Germany and I am convined it being imported by outer space. Its the alien-nutella, I swear. :))

Indeterminacy said...

Jamie: This photo seems to be tempting everybody. If I were cooking for you, you'd lose weight fast enough. Good luck with the diet.

Viruswitch: I think we'd make a great picture next to each other. You eating the Nutella,and me eating the peanut butter!

Everyone: Sorry, but I didn't get a chance to write anything for today. Wish me luck for tomorrow.

Zoe said...

I wish you all the best Indeterminacy! I'm sure you'll come up with an enchanting story!
You have a delicious way with words and stories, I hadn't come across such creative work before!

I want to thank you for your inspiring comment, you have given me the right push!
I haven't written yet but will let you know if I ever write something substantial!
Keep up the creativity!

Unknown said...

That's a dude.

The Mushroom said...

Doug: Don't harsh my mellow. We all need a dream to live for.

Indeterminacy said...

April Girl: *blushes* April compliments always make me do that.

Doug: I'm afraid that's a non-Biercean expression.

Mushroom: Haven't heard that one before. "Harsh my mellow" That would make you a Mushmellow?

Anonymous said...

Its exquisite chocoltely/nutty lushness, it's velvety smoothness..
nutella, nutulla!
*falls in a swoon*

Sar said...

Indie here goes....again...

"You don't seriously expect me to use a spoon."

Sar said...

Yippee - it worked!