Monday, January 09, 2006

It was slow that evening so they whipped out their eyetops and began counting blogs. The first one to fall asleep would buy the next round. Usually they all fell asleep at the same time, so nobody bought. Those eyetop thingies were a cool rage. You plopped one up against your face and looked into the Internet at whatever you wanted, then clicked it with a blink of the eyes. If you had that chip accessory planted in your brain you could even blog and surf at the same time. You just imagined your rant, and voila! - it was a post. This saved valuable time for parties and socializing and other real-life events, if you could find them. Real-life events had become pretty scarce since the eyetops came around, and if the girls did find a place to meet boys, none ever showed up, because the boys themselves were too busy surfing and blogging, the new eternal cycle of life.

But then the girls had an idea to liven things up. They shot a meme into the Internet, and gazed expectantly through the viewing devices to see what would happen:

1) List your four favorite memes.
2) Add this meme as your fifth favorite.
3) Send these instructions to ten of your friends.
4) Work through the five memes, following each instruction to the letter.

They watched as the Internet imploded. Blog after blog vanished like a vacuum-filled soap bubble. It was so much fun. They would definitely have to blog about this later.

Story #324

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Jamie Dawn said...

The three girls were cute and they knew it. They always acted so cool. Jewel never was accepted by them, and they pretty much shunned her. Jewel knew the girls always hung out at Raley's Bar and tried to pick up guys. Jewel walked over to their table and handed them each a View Master telling them to look through the viewer to see nude pictures of Orlando Bloom. The girls grabbed the cameras and pushed them up to their faces. Little did they know that Jewel had put Super Glue around the viewer and on the sides where their hands were. The three "cool" girls weren't so cool that night!

The Mushroom said...

No matter how Stephanie, Bethany, and Tiffani tried, they still couldn't find any dimension in the boys around them; like with the View-Masters, they'd pull the boys' handles then advance to the next scene. Which was ironic because the males who met them thought the three had the same qualities as View-Master slides -- they were the same image from slightly different angles, creating an illusion of depth, and most of their material was from Disney.

Unknown said...


They have been cursed by the Techno goddess, Jenny. They sinned against Her by entering a forbidden website--the 404. When Jenny found out, she programmed Her wiki to do the unthinkable....

Using nanotechnology bruhahaha, the wiki grafted the hell view masters to their faces. The girls are now forced to see the world through blurry-eyed glasses.

As a natural evolutionary process, they have glowing eyes and an ever smiling face.

They will then roam the world for the next 1 year and 27 days. After which, the accursed items will fall off and their eyes will return to abnormality.


Mikki Marshall said...

It was the newest drug craze amongst teens, a real visionary trip disguised in a Viewmaster. Relatively easy to get your hands on and at only five dollars a pop, affordable.

Everybody knew that all you had to do was go to Luigi's Pizza and ask for Victor, the tall skinny kid with the bad acne who worked in the kitchen, slip him a five spot and in less than ten minutes you were high. As you held the Viewmaster up to your face it was imperative that you not blink so that the drug could enter directly into the pupil (many a drug was wasted running down some kid's cheeks who could not hold the mandatory stare).

The trip was similar to doing mushrooms without the terrible taste but with all the vivid hallucinations and lasted about two to three hours. Once the teens got their fix they would usually go out to the parking lot, sit in their cars and remain for the rest of the evening running their hands along the upholstery and tires. The only drawback to "visioning", as the kids called it, was that you couldn't wear your contacts and were forced to look like a nerd in your glasses when driving home.

Ariel the Thief said...

witty stories!

yeah, next time I'll try Viewmaster instead of mushrooms, too.

camera shy said...

what followed was wrong. so wrong. each smile faded as each girl realized the figure she focused on was her own image. that the blood each saw was her own. that the exposed flesh was hers. they all stared into the pictures for a very long time, wondering how, wondering why, then wondering when. and when they stumbled into this, just when this might happen, they each became afraid to look away, afraid of what lie on the other side of the lense, afraid to look at the face before them. and though they heard the scrape of chair legs across the floor, and the heavy foot fall moving in, they could not look away because it was easier then to look at what they would become rather than the thing, the event itself. and they reached to touch one another, waiting, feeling the blood warm in the palm of their hands

Miles to go said...

The wheel chair struck the end of the door. Bill O’ Arrf. winced in pain. The pain from the stump of his leg spun around his head hitting every nerve and touching the vacant leg, his flesh no longer there.

Bill is the head of the vaunted “No Spinning Around” think tank and he’d been aghast at the reports trending the drop in his propaganda for the past year. However, this time he’s thrilled. This distraction has dulled his sense of direction as the room whirls around and past him while he heads toward his desk. He is too focused to see ahead of him.

His new brain child though late in delivery is beginning to take hold and it is creating a sensation! Everyone wants one but to have one, they must join in his club. The device: lips that enable you to kiss derriere without fear! The break through are four fold: the special skin, eyes, lips and brains cloned from Reed Richards, Ted Williams, Louie Armstrong and Tom Delayed. Once attached, one can pull the lips to your eyes and see the results of the kissed derriere. No more second guessing if one kissed A$$ well or if the A$$ kissing has been effective! It’s a boon a breakthrough! It has begun to reach cult status. In clubhouses like the one where these are girls shown here, people everywhere have begun to join this new phenomenon newly coin by Katie Couric as The Society for and about “Kissing Moon”.

Young at Heart in San Diego said...

Smell-o-vision, it was called. The newest craze to hit the teen world, and the girls just had to try it. It was the hottest trip, especially for the terminally weight-conscious crowd. Just think, a device that would let you see your favorite foods up close and personal, in 4-D, with their aromas filling your very essence. Who would ever need to eat again? Oh, to experience hot fudge, caramel, pizza with the greasiest of toppings and melted cheese, without the slightest bit of remorse or indigestion afterwards! “We are sooo there,” the girls shouted as they donned their headgear and plugged in to the hard drive at their table. Such a bargain, only 50 Euros for an hour! Buy 2, get the 3rd one free! Soon the slideshow would begin. They had all decided to start with the dessert theme. Having starved themselves for the last 2 weeks, they had lost their taste for protein anyhow, and all three were craving the sight and smell of chocolate. Then the montage of slippery, creamy melted goodness assaulted their eyes and noses. They began to swoon from ecstasy, drool dribbling down their chins, perspiration dotting their arms and foreheads. Within 20 minutes, their comatose bodies lay slumped into their chairs, quivering and covered with goosebumps. That was the moment the bartender had been watching for. With the flick of a finger he pressed the secret trap door button that opened up and slid the girls in a secret chamber below, where he would extract the chemicals from their brains to continue his evil experiments.

admin said...

The world had changed. The suns of all solar systems collapsed under their own gravity. Humans managed to retain their humanity but evolution was after them. They lost their eyes in the absence of light and developed super sensors that perceived electromagnetic waves and quantums. Instead of the beauty of the world they only saw particles of dust flowing in the air. At least now they could "see" the heat, the electricity and the emotions of their friends.

Indeterminacy said...

Just checking in - I'm at work now - I'll post my story in a few hours. This is truly an impressive showing, and a wonderful New Year's present. Thanks so much! I'll do my best to entertain you in the New Year. (and I'll comment on these tonight).

Indeterminacy said...

Jamie: That'll show 'em. Cool. Why do I think you've done this before?

Mushroom: That as wicked. If you've been meeting the wrong type of girls, you should hang out at a library or art cinemas. ;-)

The Taorist: This sounds so much like an urban legend I half expect to see one of these girls walking around. Very vivid.

Still Life: Another fantastic story. I can just hear the gals saying a few years later, at their job interview, or whatever, "But I blinked."

Blog this: This was totally eerie. It reminds me of when I was little, pulling the sheet over my head to protect myself from all the horrors I imagined.

Miles to Go: This is really original & imaginative. And I'm not just kissing A$$.

Young at Heart: That was a real surprise ending. I never saw it coming. One detail: for 50 Euros you have a great dinner for two at a fine restaurant and still have enough left over a cab home.

Viruswitch: Last but not least. You have quite a knack for science fiction. This story really intrigues me.

The Mushroom said...

Indie: Two comments...

a) My wife works at the library so I can't pick up chicks there no mo'. Or I can, but it's just her, if you care to look at it that way. :)

b) BLOG WILL EAT ITSELF. Nice story!

Jamie Dawn said...

Indie: Blogging is becoming its own monster entity. Your story gives food for thought.

Mikki Marshall said...

Indie, eerily enough I don't really think that we are too far off technology wise from your story.

LiVEwiRe said...

When I first caught a glimpse of the pic, I thought they were holding up these huge replicas of lips and Sorry, I can't get past that for the moment... =)

Indeterminacy said...

Still Life: I just searched for eyetops and found out the concept actually exists. And I thought this was original. We're already there.

Livewire: Wow. They were practicing kissing? Often I see something in a picture and when I go to write it down, it turns out it's not there after all.

Cori said...

I like this one! hahaha