Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The three friends had already retired as millionaires, having found their separate successes as seducers laureate. Each had authored a best selling book on the subject of how to pick up women. Privately the three were the closest friends. Publicly, however, they represented the fiercest of rivals. Each had isolated a single key factor he swore worked every time. Alan claimed waving a cigarillo caused women to swoon into his arms. It didn't really. He overlooked that the cigarillo was much too thin and should never be lit. Phil liked walking up close to a girl and looking in her eyes while wearing sunglasses, shtick that objectively had more chance, as the girl could at least see her reflection in the lenses, which some girls liked, though most just saw a pimp. Julio rolled up his t-shirt sleeves like they did in the 1950's bad boy movies. All the grandmothers thought he was cute. Despite the flaws in their behavioral repertoire they usually walked away with any girl they wanted. But their success had nothing to do with their methods. It was the money.

Story #95


M.P. said...

Yes.. Money... "money money money"... "money makes the world go round", sings Liza Minneli in "Cabaret" :)

The Mushroom said...

Sadly, each one of them thought it was because of what they packed in their pants. They were right, it was their wallets. And the easiest way for a woman to get into a man's wallet is through his pants, even if she has to make friends with the trouser snake that guards it... which isn't difficult (even if it is hard) because the keeper of the wallet is pretty easily distracted.

A fool and his money are soon partied.