Friday, December 05, 2008

Vote Twice then Write a Story

A story will be posted shortly, but first.....

Mayuko Fujino, whose artwork you may view here and here has an online exhibit at the House of Scratch in Toronto, Canada. Truly, I am fascinated by the colors and the intimate delicacy of her artwork. If you agree, please vote for her in the juried competition at this page (scroll down to find her works).

Update: Mayuko has won the competition! Thanks to everyone who voted! Please check her new Website:

Letters Home to You is a blog that I have seen grown from unknown domain into a highly frequented Website, due to the unique and intriguing perspectives that are always spot on. The blogger is Ian. Read some of his posts, then vote for him: Canadian Blog Awards - Best Personal Blog.

Update: Ian unfortunately did not win the competition, but as far as I'm concerned, he has the best Canadian blog in the world!

Last but not least, the literary journal Greenbeard has a writing contest called The Symmetry of Flaws. There are cash prizes, and everyone is eligible to submit, so what are you waiting for?


Unknown said...

That really is amazing artwork! I have the artistic skill of a lobotomized baboon.
However, my lack of sense has led me to build a real, actual social network for Open minded and off center sorts.
Lily's New Strange World

Unknown said...

I voted. I'll think about a story.

Anonymous said...

A cash prize for writing? They pay CASH for that????

Anonymous said...

I voted for Mayuko. I was too late for Ian.
I do have a vignette for GREENBEARD, but it needs some polishing, and Dec. is a busy month for violin and holiday-making.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I made it too late for the Letters Home - the artwork was stunning though and I was able to vote on that.
If only I had tie to write something other than a monograph.

cyurkanin said...

Hey Indie, I just listened to one of your audio clips. For some reason, I pick up the eeriness of William Burroughs in your story-telling voice. Have you ever listened to him speak?

Indeterminacy said...

Lily: I have the same artistic skills as your baboon, except my baboon is in third grade.

Doug: I am glad you have done your civic duty.

Paul: Only if you win.

Mrs. Weirsdo: Thanks for voting! You and Doug submitting to this contest means some really stiff competition. I want to write something, but whatever it will be, it doesn't exist yet.

Cooper: I think there's a third phase of the Canadian blogger contest, but I'm not sure. If there is, I'll mention it.
Hmmm, maybe you could write non-fiction?

Cyurkanin: That is one of the most unexpected compliments I ever got. You must mean the "Here's How Sniff" clip which Doug so kindly hosts. I think I heard Burroughs speak. It would be wild listening to him reading the Naked Lunch.

Anonymous said...

In Re: to Mayuko's artwork, we at House of Scratch are pleased to have her in our December show. We were surprised to read that we are located in California, when in fact we spin are creative energy in Toronto, Canada.

Great, interesting website, Indie.

Indeterminacy said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by - I really goofed, it seems. I posted this in a hurry last week. Mayuko does have an exhibit in California - I assumed this was the place! I did click around the site a bit but couldn't find a city mentioned anywhere, but which I might have found, had I not been in such a hurry. My internet time these days has been rather limited.

Mindful Mimi said...

No picture to tell a story on this time? Guess you must be busy.

Hobbes said...

Merry Christmas, Indie and family, and Happy New Year!

Mindful Mimi said...

I have given you an award cause I think your blog is tops. Go check it out:
Feel free to ignore :-) or pass on.
Happy New Year.

Acquaintance said...

Hi Indie, it's been such a long time since I've been on blogger, I kinda well I'm not gonna lie I kinda abandoned my blog, I just haven't felt like writing as much as I used to but... I hope you had a happy new year and also if I had known you wrote stories to such attractive photos below I would've read these a long time ago.

Anyways take care.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Inde.

Madeleine said...

Indie, we miss you, we do we do.

zXc said...
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