Saturday, July 19, 2008

Waiting for Ian

This is a photo I took waiting for Ian. Ian and I meet sometimes for lunch around the corner from where I work. I just stand there and keep a watch out for his bicycle. Ian's a nice guy with an interesting blog called "Letters Home to You" featuring solid and well-written viewpoints right on the pulse of the times. A guest post of mine is up at his site, called "North American Expat Germany survival guide: the pancake edition." If you're hungry, I invite you to stop by.

P.S. This is a repost of a guest post at Sar's, whose blog is sadly no longer with us.


Tom & Icy said...

That's nice, riding a bike. I loved it when I was younger and in good health. Now I use a lawn mower that the blade spins when you push it. No motor. But good exercise.

Unknown said...

Ah, but I remember the guest post you wrote at Sar's, vividly.

Kevin Wecker said...

Hey! Been missing your postings! (Everything okay?)

I find riding a bike in the sunshine is far better than riding in the RAIN.

The Mushroom said...

A vision in black sailed up to the sidewalk near my bench. She dismounted her bike and cozied it up to the bike rack. She leaned forward to clamp her back wheel to the rack, her forelocks cascading over her eyes, and the breeze made the loose ends of her pants flap like flags for a moment. What courage or skill, I thought, to be wearing bell-bottoms to push pedals -- or maybe just fashion sense paired with cautious leg placement. With her form, she must get plenty of exercise using this means of locomotion.

When the lock was on and bike secure she turned in my direction and caught that I was looking at her with a bemused smile. I was obliged to say something chatty, and what left me was, "That's a good idea with today's gas prices, and good exercise too." She straightened the pack over her shoulder and responded, "Yes, it is great exercise and does wonders for the oxygen uptake, but it does have its downsides." My face changed a little, still smiling but that hint of confusion (mock or not) showed, and I threw back, "Really? What might those be?" She was starting to approach but in a manner to continue past me rather than stop and enter into a true discourse, and with a smile replied, "There's the weather, of course, and the manners of the people in cars, but as a result of my exercise I now have calves that are two feet in circumference." My smile corrected itself.

She was just past me when she turned her head back and added with a glint and a lilt, "Why do you think I have to wear these flaired pants?" As I chuckled she moved quickly into a building and out of sight.

Anonymous said...

"That ought to stop that creepy Jacko from sniffing my bicycle seat again," thought Felicia. The scent of habanero pepper juice mixed with garlic made her eyes water but it made her gleeful at the same time.

Parv Kaushik said...

nice blog dude!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I left a comment on your pancake piece.

Anonymous said...

As a member of PETB, Angelique liberated thousands of bikes across the city before she was nabbed by law enforcement.

luna said...

Hey there!! Nice to read your post and I like the picture a whole lot.

Life is sort of getting back to normal and I will be visiting you more often.

Hasta luego!

Cori said...


chook said...

Hey Indie, I'm back after some travel.A highlight was riding the free white bikes at my world favourite museum, the Kroller Muller. A great way to view art.

Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

Inde, stopped by to catch up. I hope all is well. It is eerily quiet here my friend.

Love and Light

Indeterminacy said...

I have been a very poor bloghost in the past weeks. Work got hectic, I had some writing deadlines, and then vacation. Finally I feel in a frame of mind top write stories again, and I'm sorry I kept you all waiting. My only consolation is that you probably didn't miss much.

Tom & Icy: I think that girl would look good pushing a lawnmower as well as a bicycle. Mowing grass by the way was one of my first odd jobs, going around Dayton , Ohio.

Doug: You have a vivid memory for posts! I never forget a good meal.

Kevin: It's kind of you to stop by, with my posting so sporadic lately. I hope you'll be back tomorrow when I post the next story. I used to ride my bike to work, in good weather, 10 miles through idyllic German countryside. Miss those days.

Mush: Forelocks is such a poetic word! I wish I had used it in one of my stories. And this was a great story, that girl left you dazed and confused. Was she teasing or telling the truth?

Tom Thumb: I like garlic, but not sure about the hanero pepper juice.

Parv: Thank you very much.

Mrs Weirsdo: Thank you for that comment. I'd love to fix a special batch of pancakes just for you and your family. Very bad of me - I still have comments to answer at the pancake post too. You know, I can imagine Angelique leading an army of bicycles, all driverless, following her around the city.

Luna: The next time I am in Barcelona I hope there will be time to meet again. I was very glad to see you back at your blog (

Cori: I will make a second batch of pancakes just for you.

Chook: It's great of you to stop by. Your blog is in my mental list of bookmarks as a great artistic place to visit.

Lady: John Cage has a piece called Silence too. WIthout silence you could not appreciate sounds, and with sounds, you could not appreciate silence.

Tomorrow I'll post a new story, finally.