Friday, December 01, 2006

Each night in the extended instant that separates the conscious hours from the time of sleep she is visible to me. I lay in my bed. My thoughts fade into oblivion as the grip of wakefulness relaxes. Then she flows in as if the glass bowl of reality had suddenly become a sieve. I open my eyes and see not the world of colors I breath and walk through, but the outline of her figure, violet iridescence glowing in the realm where the shadows of dreams are cast. Then we stand before each other in the onyx blackness containing us.

"I've found you again," I say to her, and see that her eyes are bound by a thick cloth. Only the lower portion of her face remains uncovered. I marvel at the artistry of her lines - her chin, her lips, and the unblemished surface of her neck, the way it invites as she tilts her head slightly sideways. I had never noticed this constellation before.

"How may I be of service?" she answers as she always does, though the relationship is clear. It is I who stand in subservience to her.

"I wish for a vision of unrequited love, the random terror of malevolent beings pursuing me into a cavernous haven which becomes a ship sinking in arctic seas. Then, as I swim, a fearful plummet into an endless depth. And this time - intensity, it must be brutally intense."

"It shall be as brutal as you are honest with yourself. It is truly what you wish?" her lips form the words as I look at her again. I try to summate her entire physical being by combining the glimpses afforded me in the past. Sometimes it is only her shoulder that is unveiled, sometimes a breast. This time her lips are emphasized. The next visit I may see only her eyes.

"I know it will be terrifying," I tell her,"but the anguish might bring me to realize what I must do. Perhaps when I am awake, I will understand the message I cannot receive in unobscured form."

"Indeed," she comments, "it is subtle, but then, that is how it should be. If the message were open and direct, all our realms might implode..." She approaches, her arms outstretched, palms extended, not to embrace but to transfer the images into me, the images I will dream, the message that my life screams for metamorphosis. She places her hands on my forehead, and my awareness of the realm dims and is extinguished. Immediately my nightmare begins.

Story #382

Thank you to all who contributed their own story inspirations! You may see more of the mysterious blindfolded girl at Samara's Photoblog.


Frances bo bancess said...

"now that your eyes are closed, you are blind folded and the lights are off, close off your mind and feel the presence of nothing." the man whispered from the far regions of the shadowed room.
"now become contious of only your breathing, in and out. in and out. long inhales and exhales."
Maria did as told, releasing long breaths into the cool surrounds. She wasn't quite sure why she had come here, to seek help from a stranger, and although the lack of sight made this experience somewhat unique, the words were all the same. Shrinks had the same voice and the same words, it was all the same to her. All she wanted to know was why she couldn't move forward in life, as if she was held back by some tragedy in her past, but she couldn't think of anything that could have caused such an imbalance. So she had ended up in a dark room with a 'certified' stranger.
"Now raise your left arm above your head."
Again, Maria did as asked. Raising her hand her fingers brushed the ceiling. Maria thought this strange as she had walked into the room standing up, with the ceiling way above her.
"Tell me if you see anything"
what is this guy on about? Maria questioned herself as if a vision was the last thing that would occur in such a situation.
The man paused.
"Now change arms, lower your left and raise your right. smooth and slowly. still concentrate on your breathing."
She did so, but this time she could put her palm flat against the ceiling. A feeling of deep regret spread through Maria's body, she had never been one for small spaces, and to think this one wzs getting smaller by the moment was frightening. Her arm twitched.
"Just calm, now put your arm down."
Maria was hesitant, without her hand on the ceiling she wouldn't know if it was get closer and closer to crushing her skull. But still she obeyed. As soon as she put her hand down a sharp sensation shot down her spine. She jolted, her conciousness failed and she slumped against the wall. Her mind wandered far from her body, into a world of memory and fantasy.
A faint voice called her, but she didn't answer, she was too busy enjoying the past to bother with the present, let alone the future.

Frances bo bancess said...

sorry, that was a bit long...

Anonymous said...

Woe is me, the first thing that came into my mind is "Abu Ghraib".

Anonymous said...

The strip was flowing lava-a neon inrush of clashing color.

Running, our heels pounded the sidewalk, bumping into all humanity. Her feathered headdress fell over her eyes and the feathers flew off as decorations in the night – the feathers fell as tendrils sweeping the air. We ran until we settled in a room with cobbled wall paper. It was dark with little furnishings-a bed and a night stand. There was a large window. I wondered how far away blue light comes falling through this sparseness. Tilting my head back, I pulled the insipid drink from my mouth. When I looked at her, I tasted the moon. She took my glass taking a drink. Holding her wrist, I sipped and savored my lips-wet from her mouth. This, a tender mood, I held her waist and wrapped her arm around my neck. She felt light as she pulled away-to dance. The cool steel of my pistol gleamed as I pointed my gun to her head. She glowed! I knew then she was agent Radium F. Before I could squeeze the trigger, I met death from her toxic kiss of Polonium-210.

The Mushroom said...

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Anonymous said...

This woman have a nice lips :)

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Unknown said...

Alice, that's funny in a good grief sort of way.

"Two hours into the Green Party rally and rave, Bernadette realized she was starting to OD."

Cie Cheesemeister said...

I was hoping that if I turned out all the lights and bound my eyes that in my blindness I could finally see all that I had been missing for so many years.
I was hoping that the man who has danced through my dreams for lo these many years would come take my hand and dance with me through my newfound blind sight.
But when I woke I found only myself sitting alone in a dark room with a blindfold obscuring my eyes.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

BTW, Man, I just can't wait to try Seduce any Woman's tips! Damn, those should be super duber uber helpful for a 41-year-old bitchy straight woman!

Hobbes said...

Ali hadn't felt right since he rose in the wee hours to begin his shift. Coming into the police station he had felt a bit queasy. Even the sight of the headless infidels hanging from the bridge hadn't given him the usual energizing jolt.
And then they dumped this prisoner on him, limp and bruised from the chastisement. She was dressed even more immodestly than the others, her sweat soaked tank top leaving little to the imagination, but he could not feel the same cold hate he felt for them, especially as he picked up her warm body, smelling sweat and fear, feeling it stick to his skin in the heat. They had flung the usual hood over her head, but as he lifted her, it fell back, revealing full, sensuous lips.
It was early morning, and the cell was still empty, awaiting its daily cargo of human refuse. He looked behind him as he entered. No one was around. He laid her carefully on the only bench and kissed the lips before he could stop himself.

Indeterminacy said...

Thank you everyone for enriching my week with these stories and comments. I've written my story, and will post it shortly, as well as a new photo for next week...

Frances: You're story is amazing, 1) because it is amazing, and 2) because it is almost the same story I wrote, though with a reversal of roles. And no, it wasn't too long. I love this sentence "Her mind wandered far from her body, into a world of memory and fantasy"

Cooper: Your comment shocked me at first, because I didn't see that at all, though I see now how close the photo is to those other images we've seen.

Miles to Go: I enjoyed the vivid language of your story - I didn't see the end coming - what a shock that was!

Mush: Does the K-Plasma girl come in groups? Sounds like this may be real someday.

Seduce any Woman: Not sure if your comment was spam or not, but I found the site behind the link rather entertaining. I was looking for a chapter on how to snap your fingers and have girls fall in love with you instantly.

Doug: Too much green is also not a good thing.

Cheesemaster: Sight is actually quite distracting sometimes. Maybe we do see better with our eyes wrapped in a blindfold. (P.S. I also asked myself, can women use this too, to seduce other women?)

Mrs. Weirsdo: That was extremely seductive what you wrote.From the dehumanizing state of an anonymous hooded prisoner to the humanizing qualities of a pair of full, sensuous lips. Wow!

Thanks again to all who shared their stories this week!

Anonymous said...


Now I must write something, too...

I want to say thank you to everybody who wrote a story to my picture ;)

Indeterminacy said...

Hi Tina, Thank you for sharing your photo with us. The idea that you wish to write a story too surprised me. We have all, in our own way, payed hommage to your image, and now we will be rewarded with your own insights - it will be special to read, I am sure.

I will post a link to your gallery, as soon as you have it ready.

Hobbes said...

I usually don't read the other stuff before I write, so it won't influence me. I did not see Cooper's comment, but it is interesting that we responded the same way. This reminded me of stories of Sudanese women when the government was just going fanatical getting picked up and beaten for wearing skirts too short, etc. Also I remember a North Korean torturer, now living in the U. S. (yay!) talking on TV about how torturing people in their camps was enjoyable at first and then got stale.

Hobbes said...

Went back and read. Your story gives me chills.

Anonymous said...

.. this is incredible! :D I as weirsdo said.. it gives chills.

Indeterminacy said...

I didn't mean to frighten anyone. Honest.

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

It has come to my atention that this blog says they are riting storys with Trils and Chills + Excitment. Ony my stories at my blog have real chills and excitment becas these are cheep imatations.

So stop doing it Mister Indiminacy or i will report you to bloger and to Mrs. Weersdo and i am a secret agent to and can get you in alot of troubel.

Anonymous said...

everybody on her/his own decides, if a story is thrilling or exciting.
if you (boy from s.a.c.a.d.a) think, only stories from one person are like that it would be some kind of a stereotype... so don't be jealous about the great stories of these people here =)

and now my "story".... [I rather should say "my feelings" than story, I had when I took this/ my ;) picture and looked at]

She can't see, feel or cry

She lies on the cold floor with a cloth around her head.
She wants to run away- but she can't!
She's frozen to the floor... not even can stand up

She wants to scream...
She wants to feel...
She wants to see...
She wants to hear...

But she has a cloth around her head.


not a story or something, but just my feelings (hope my English is not to bad)

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Dear Tina, Im sorrey i did not meen to say i dont like eviryones story. I think Frances and Cooper and Milestogo and Mushroom and Cheesemaster and Mrs. Weersdo and Doug can all rite graet storys and i wuold like them to tell me bedtime storys to. but this Indimnicy person shuold not clame he is riting Chills! becuas if you read my Story Book of Trils Chills and Excitment you will see that i rite better chills than him.

Indeterminacy said...

Tina: All I can say is WOW! And it is the first time here that the artist has written something for her/his own photo. It's a rare insight to learn the artist's intentions.

SACADA Kid: You should be kind to your elders - one day you might grow up to be one of them!

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Down the street were i live is a old haunted hause, it has a gate with iron bars a round it and bords on the windows It looks realy haunted. I found a window and snuck in becuase maybe there wuold be tresures hidden in the house I went in and i saw a lady walking back and fourth in the dark, you could see her thoug she was glowing and her eyes was banded up so you cuoldent see them at all And she dident say nothin, Then she kept coming at me I dident kno what to do then i knew and i reached out and polled down the blindfold. her eyes was twice as big as the eyes on a reel girl, and they was looking rite at me. Then I ran out the house and never went back thier and i never walked by it agen until after they tore it down.


So that is what a reel chill shold be like when you write it rite.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Your story inspired a kind of seductive terror. The idea of wanting something you really shouldn't want because it could potentially destroy your sanity or even end your life. That's the kind of horror writing that I enjoy the best!

Indeterminacy said...

Boy from Sacada: Thank you for your story - and it was quite a chill, I admit. I really think you have potential, but you should work harder at school and try to improve those grades.

Cheesemeister: Thank you and a hug! It's feedback like that that really helps me to understand the effect of a story. I must really have underestimated this one. It's hard to appreciate objectively the mood of something you wrote yourself.

Anonymous said...

Grashoper Boy!!!!!! You mussen hang around hear I am worning you!!!!! I luv you're storyes but Mr. Indecencyes storyes scare me becuz he rites about bad thing's hapening to good Barbyes and I left this coment worning before and it disapeered wich shows you!!!!!!
If you keep hanging out hear you may grow up twisted like him and me and you coud never hang out to gether any more!!!!!!

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Donut worrie Miss Pansi becus i am not going to come hear any more. Mr Indeincy is a playjer wrist! But dont worry i wont let him do anythings bad to Barbys.