Thursday, June 01, 2006

Nefi saw pyramids everywhere she walked. Big ones, small ones, square ones. Such was her power of fancy. She'd turn to a tree to find a goddess in stone, pause at street corner temples to bow to high priests in somber robes, follow the shadows of ancient cats thousands of lives old. On paper she doodled hieroglyphic graffiti while persons queried her in pharaohic tones. She'd glance up suddenly to marvel at scarabs and ankhs dangling on golden chains those mummies wore.

"Why do you see these things?" - they'd say to her then - "All that is over. All that is gone."

She answered, "Yes, I know it's only office buildings and billboards and plastic before me, but -" and then she hesitated.


"But I'm quite willing to share with you everything I see."

"We'd like that," relief, surrender, hope in three syllables.

"All right," she said as she smiled, "Just step back, look behind me - and tell me what color the sphinx is..."

Story #361

As always all story contributions (see comments) will be reposted at Indeterminacies, along with a link to the contributor. This story has a vague relation to the story which began the blog.

Postscript: Thanks everyone for all the stories and captions! I've enjoyed the time off - I pretty much ignored my blog the entire four weeks. Today's a busy day at work. I'll read all stories on the way home and comment on them tonight!


Unknown said...

"Honey, now will you ask for directions?"

Mutha said...

You know it really is one thing to shoot your mouth off about building a pyramid and a whole 'nother can of worms to actually do it.

Anonymous said...

We are currently looking at the blonde-haired suicidal bipedial. Yes. She's looking at us, but don't be afraid. She won't bite. She is now gnawing her fingers. In a few years she'll be down to her feet. Most of these animals live near the Giza pyramid. They are now a near extinct species.

Save the blonde-haired suicidal bipedial.

Anonymous said...

taois evil.


Russell CJ Duffy said... has somebody moved the Sphinx then?

GPV said...

Well, I tried to move the bloody beast once, cocaine, but it's too damn heavy and badly built: The nose came off on that occasion, sure glad it missed me as it fell.

GPV said...

« I’m not that late » thought Imop, mater of fact he wasn’t very late since he was the only one to have his cabin so far from his duty room. He reached the office some moments later and the entrance sphincter slid open as he presented himself in front of the door’s eye.
“Salute to you, as mummy taught me”
“As always” replied the other four in the room.
“We cought a radio station from FI-75221” said Wavemaster Chaar.
“ Ohh.. from that far?” Imop made a pause “Is it the only one?”
“Aawfff you Imop, it’s the first one and I’m recording, can you get your gear to calculate distance and time of that transmission while Ori and the others search on other bands?”
Imop’s fingers were already flying on top of his pad “Aawfff me Chaar and….transmission originates 1/16 Gal away and ½ Stec ago”
“That’s good”
“ I got another one !” Ida said
“Me too” It was Eefa’s voice “Aawfff, in stereo, it’s music !”
“Recording all”
They were buzy and worked like mad their whole shift long.
They were replaced and every shift out of three they came back to the office and 63 shifts passed by when they finaly reached the outskirts of the solar system of FI-75221, they switched on their No-detect fence and they sent their drones to get closer pictures of what was going on 75221, their last visit had been some 50 Stecs in the past.
They sent Koru to pay a visit to their last landing site, he came back with pictures.
Just before departure, Iuphot; their Captain ended a speech to his crew.
“….you’ve seen on our screens the pathetic imitations of our ships, made out of stones, the people living actually on FI-75221 don’t remember why they were built, they think it’s only tombs made for past kings, they visit them out of curiosity,I chose a 2 D picture that Koru brought back……”
Koru bent to the guy seating next to him “ I wish I could’ve brought HER back”

The Mushroom said...

Several klicks away from Cheops and the Valley of the Kings, there is a lesser area called the Valley of the Dolls. This hosted a tangental group of Egyptian artisans, and historians say they were to the regular Egyptians what the Realists were to the classical painters. Their sphinx did not have a woman's head on a lion's body -- their sphinx had a woman's body complete, but she was all lioness. They figured this made the beast more dangerous.

Ariel the Thief said...

LOL Taorist!

(unfortunately the only caption comes to me cannot be posted on such a gentle site.)

Miles to go said...

I wish he would treat me good
I wish he was true

I know beyond the sand he’s there watching me
When I climb towards this blue sky

If he saw me, we’ll kiss just like before
Inspired by my dress that goes swaying

Yes, the other part of me is missing
Another woman has made me incomplete

I know this to be true once that funny feeling touches you
As I leap to go flying

I wish he would treat me good
I wish he was true

Anonymous said...

"I think it's working, honey! It's really doing the trick."
Intrigued though she was by Bob's interest in phallic symbols, Tasha was skeptical of his claim that the Great Pyramids could cure his erectile dysfunction. She smiled tolerantly and placed a finger to her lips as he became louder and more explicit, but, distracted by the endowments of a passing camel, she had ceased to listen.

Jamie Dawn said...

Marcie stood at the base of the pyramid lost in her thoughts of a magic bathtub.

GPV said...

Oct. 19 1998 To Virginia Larson
27 West End Blvd.
Houston, TX

Giny Darling,

I’m sorry about the events that led me to write this letter to you. I just want you to know that I still love you with all heart and soul; even though it might not be important to you, I feel the urge to explain my doings.
When you came to my Art class for the first time I was in a bad shape, I had lost my wife some ten years ago but I never recovered from that, I kept teaching Art as a zombie and each day passing by was darker than the last. I was left on my own, heir of millions that I didn’t care for, I never needed such a fortune and I never done anything with it.
You exploded into my life the first time I met you, you were smart,alert and talented, beside the fact that I never seen someone so beautiful and so able to use all that beauty to attract those whom might be of use to you, almost kinky, if you hadn’t been so young that would be the word to use; kinky.
No, to me you’re innocent and it can’t be otherwise, you’re fifteen, you’re innocent and I remember you like that.
You did everything to catch me in your net, bringing me back alive day by day. Your deep green eyes promissing forbidden delights to a man old enough to be your father.I resisted for months until the art contest given by the school board, first prize was a trip to Egypt, egyptian tour: the pyramids, the valley of kings, Louqsor ans so on----All expenses paid for a fortnight journey, I was to be on the trip too, in charge of it.
It was next saturday, early in the morning, when you rang my door bell. I was caught off guard when I saw you in your short tennis skirt, dancing with glee, singing;
- Ta daaa! Guess what….who’s this….First prize winnie….miss Gynyyyy..
…….on our way to Pharao’s land .Won’t you let me in for coffee?
- I…..
- Yes I know, but I should have a talk with you.

That serious look you took then was just made for me to let you inside….Lord…
Those fifteen days…..I was far from believing that I could make love three times in row and start again few hours later…well, you made me do that….almost everyday…Lord have mercy.
The memory of you during that lovely period of my life is my only real treasure and I don’t want to have it tarnished or erased by some court proceedings, lawyers and judges or whatever the charges against me would bring. I don’t want to live that, I want you clear and unspoilt in my memory.
Good bye my little leprechaun, my pretty princess, my green eyed venus, may we meet in another world.

P.S. I made my will and you are my only heiress, since I have no relatives there shouldn’t be any problems, my attorney will get in touch with you as soon as he can.Kisses.

P. Oliver
Holy shit ! Sheriff, if that’s true, she really torn that man to pieces, what are you going to do with this letter—Johnson looked over the hanging corpse—just sent it to her,Billy,just that.

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope you are enjoying your break and enjoying not feeling under the gun to write stories.

AndreaLin.Net Blog said...

thanks for the comment, didn't know where to reply to you, so here I am ~ is the website for my Dance 'a GoGo journal. It was built in 2004, and I just made a new page for it in the front, the inner structure I'm still trying to rebuild. The old one is still very nice to look at though ~

Anonymous said...

Enjot a few more days of rest Indie. ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

It is nearly June.
Doug said you will start again on June 1.
Is Doug a liar?????

Shrinking Wop said...

Frieda didn't fully grasp the whole "Where's Waldo?" concept when she attempted to sell her own "Find Frieda." book on E-Bay.

Lila said...

"Hmmm...." thought Judy to herself. "Those clouds behind the pyramid look just like bunny ears... and this is June 1! RABBIT, RABBIT!"

Unknown said...

That was so good, Indie! You'll be at 720 in no time!

Minka said...

Came here via Doug!

The Sphinx behind here is green, with golden hair and a purple hat. Why?

Indeterminacy said...

Hi Minka! But that's odd. All I see is a big stone rabbit.

Anonymous said...

Why have I never been here before? Why?!? Me likey story blogs. I gotta start paying attention more when Doug starts yammering on and on and on...

She looks very confused. Doesn't she? "Psst...the pyramid is behind you. You can't miss it."

And as I watch everyone climbing up the pyramid my only thought is "Dang that's a long way to fall if you get to the top." And fall I would.

dddragon said...

Why wasn't anyone answering Nefi's question? Deciding to play along, Sarah said, "The Sphinx is purple. And I see gold and turquoise accents, too."

Smiling, she turned back to face Nefi. To her shock, the modern buildings behind Nefi faded and were replaced with what obviously Nefi had been describing all along.

Wait! Sarah thought to herself, I was just joking!

Kyahgirl said...

Welcome back. I first came here just as you were starting your blogcation. Now you'll be seeing me all the time. :-)

I love the concept of this blog. Very cool.

Indeterminacy said...

OK, I printed out all these stories(captions and read them on the way home. It was a delightful smorgasbord of fun and now I'm going to dive into it again...

Doug: That's always been my take on driving. If you don't ask directions, you can sometimes find your way to startling and interesting places you might otherwise not have found.

Mutha: I already knew you could build a pyramid. I still say you can bake a cake, too.

Taorist: That was very funny. I hope she can be saved. It would be a shame if she became extinct.

Cooper: Maybe a little. But it's quality evil.

Cocaine Jesus: People who haven't yet should go check your blog, because your words probably could move the Sphinx.

GPV: Not one but two stories! I never can do that because I'm too dogmatic. Each picture is like a puzzle with only one solution. But you've broken the imagination barrier:

Story 1: I know this is insignificant, but I love the names you thought up. They sound so right. Might this be a hint of some secret knowledge you might have? I always get the feeling that your telling true stories. Anyhow I wish I had written more science fiction stories, but it's harder for me to weave one out of photos that are so non-science fictional.

Story 2: I didn't see the end coming at all. What a shock. Certain echos of Lolita.

Mushroom: I wonder if there isn't an ancient order of Egyptian lionesses in existence today? I think I've met some of them.

Ariel: You can send me your caption via e-mail. I'm suddenly very interested!

Miles to Go: Great poem. I love the line "inspired by my dress that goes swaying" - very visual. But who could ever do wrong by this girl standing in front of one of the Great Pyramids?

Mrs. Weirsdo: I am shocked by the theme of your story. Did you really write that? Or has Pansi snuck into your account? But how to explain the correct spelling? Anyhow your story reminds me how in the 70's I read about the powers of the pyramids. You could put a pyramidal frame over a broken egg and it wouldn't go bad as quickly as an egg without a pyramid. It didn't work and it stunk up my room.

Jamie: I could hug you for that caption! And yes I did enjoy the time off. I really needed it.

Andrea: Cool that you stopped by. I remember finding your site and leaving a comment. It's still cool. Thanks for the update.

Cooper: I did enjoy the few more days. It's a nice feeling to know you were waiting for me.

Jamie: Doug is a slave driver and I think he's using mind control on me. Somehow he got me to write this story here.

Shrinking Wop: I'm going straight to E-bay and see if I can find any ancient Egyptian art treasures at bargain prices. I'm sure there's something. Also, anyone who doesn't know should stop by there right now. Tony is one of the few people today writing classic comedy.

AP3: I saw the rabbit.

Doug: Thanks for the thumbs up. But dont start that mind control stuff again. I'm just writing now with an indefinite end. Maybe two more stories, maybe two thousand. I'm going to take it one day at a time, like alcoholism. ;-)

Jamie Dawn said...

Doug didn't lie after all. You ARE Baaaaaack!

You mentioned all those pyramids. I nearly went mad since my son and I are trudging through Geometry and the volume and area of such hideous structures. :)

Glad you are writing some again. I won't put enormous pressure on you like Doug does. I am much nicer than he is.

Unknown said...

Jamie Dawn is much nicer than me, but as for the mind control I must not have mastered it. The story was supposed to end in an explosion.

Indeterminacy said...

Jenna: I don't know why you haven't been here before either, but you're always welcom. It's great how Doug has hypnotized everyone into coming by to read the stories! Your comment reminds me of what I just read a few weeks ago in Mark Twain's "Innocents Abroad" The natives carried the tourists to the top of one of the pyramids and then bet a dollar they could run back down and up the next one and back again, all under five minutes. Twain took the bet, a few times, but finally gave up, because they never failed.

Dddragon: When a Dragon tells you what color the Sphinx is, there's nothing to do but listen.

Kyahgirl: What a nice thing to say. I'm charmed. I hope you'll enjoy the stories (don't forget about the archive - nearly all of the stories are non-topical and can be read any time and any order.)

Jamie: What good is it to calculate the area of a pyramid. These days they build rectangular buildings. Hope you get through all that tedious math in one piece. Something like that could cause wrinkles!

And Doug: You read Jamie's comment - and let that be a lesson to you. You can catch more flies like me with honey.

Miz BoheMia said...

Ooooh! The whole gang is here! How uncool am I to have missed out for so long?

I did love the story, am understanding the format of your blog now, and am looking forward to making you a frequent read of mine! I must say I stumbled upon you once, long ago, and was unable to truly read you (kid craziness) and the post I stumbled on was long and required my undivided attention... I am ecstatic to have made it through and am inspired to keep coming back!

I am linkin' to you fo sho!

Love your writing by the way!