Friday, September 30, 2005

Frank stole a glance at Alice in the looking glass. He had just been out with Alice's sister, the Alice on his side of the glass. He was devoted to both of them, but couldn't decide which one enflamed his passions more. The Alice in the reflection was intriguing in her way. She could be impetuous, in just the dose that turned him on. She'd grab him by the shirt and pull him onto her, then kiss him roughly. But she had not the sensitivity to know when to cease. The other Alice was passive, and let herself be kissed, but he never knew: was that her desire, or was he kissing the fear that could not announce the absence of passion. In her he loved the mysterious smile leaving him to ponder what was in her heart. While Frank stood distracted, glancing in the mirror, the two Alices stood communicating with each other in a code of silent gestures. In a few seconds passive Alice would give the signal, and they would both overpower Frank. By morning he would know that he needed them both.

Story #289

Note from Indeterminacy: Something is wrong with the time fluctuations. By all appearances, time is simply slowing down at my side of the blog. It's still Friday here, while I understand that most of you are already enjoying the weekend. I estimate by the time it turns weekend here and I post the weekend story photo, it will already be late Saturday night in non-fluctuated time. This is the Friday story.
Added Saturday?: I'm uncertain that I wrote the story above. I vaguely recall doing it, but the ending doesn't seem like it could be from me. Something seems to be wrong with the Indeterminacy. The story should have ended: By morning he realized he would have to go out and buy a new mirror.


Anonymous said...

yeah....he would. Thats what love is all about....wanting and accepting the other person in all his/her personalities.

Tom & Icy said...

We forget about time when we enter the Indeterminacy Nebula. The fog of weird saturates our soul.

Anonymous said...

she knew he was going to ask, and she dreaded to answer.
"do these pants make my butt look big?"
heaving an impatient sigh, she said "they're FINE. can we go now?"

'twas alix

actonbell said...

Oooo, I like that! Great story:)

(What time is it? I'm always last to read everything!)

Ariel the Thief said...

I liked the original ending but it was the second ending that cracked me up.